We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rationally and responsible way?
IS IT TRUE last week more than 90 employers set up booths at the C.K. Newsome Center in Evansville hoping to find qualified job candidates for their businesses?  …this worthy community event was sponsored by Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce and partnered with the WorkOne Southwest Indiana chapter, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, and Congressmen Dr. Larry Bucshon?
IS IT TRUE we wonder why the “Reception/Registration” table located in the main lobby of this event had a large blue banner with only the name of Congressman Larry Buschon on it?  …that all of the directional signs located in the event parking lot had “Congressman Bucshon ‘s Job Fair and “Congressman Bucshon Event Parking” printed on them?
IS IT TRUE because of the wording on the “Reception/Registration” table and signage in the parking lot it looked like this event was a Congressman Larry Bucshon sponsored event only? …we hope that the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the WorkOne Southwest Indiana chapter wasn’t openly promoting Congressman Larry Bucshon re-election bid?
IS IT TRUE at Monday night Evansville City Council meeting they decided to defer judgment on releasing federal, state and local funds to Echo Housing that is in a state of crisis due to the alleged theft of a small amount of money to pay real estate taxes by former Executive Director Stephanie Tenbarge? …the “Mole Nation” tells the City-County Observer that the alleged theft and mismanagement that has been reported to date could be a drop in the bucket of what has actually happened at Echo housing over the years?  …our “Moles” recommend that every financial transaction involving construction, repairs, maintenance, or securing the services of outside businesses should be investigated back as far as the statute of limitations governs? …they also feel that it is highly unlikely that the crime that has been alleged was not the only thing that went down and it’s possible that more than one person may well have received illegal benefits from having an association with Echo Housing? …the time is now to turn over every rock and hold the board of directors responsible for their failure to provide fiduciary oversight? …all who looked the other way, neglected their sworn duties, or put their hand in the cookie jar to steal taxpayer money should be prosecuted and exposed for their bad deeds? …members of our “Mole Nation” also predicts that when all said and done they wouldn’t be surprised if the police investigation and Forensic audit will reveal that questionable spending of ECHO Housing funds may be in the high six-figure range?  …all eyes are on at At-Large City Council member and Finance Chairman Jonathon Weaver (D) and 5th Ward Councilman Justin Elpers (R) to see if they will continue to hold ECHO Housing officials financially accountable?
IS IT TRUE we give five (5) cheers to City Council persons Jonathon Weaver, Justin Elpers, Missy Mosby, Connie Robinson, and Michelle Mercer for not only standing up for the taxpayers of this community but also for the at-risk clients of ECHO Housing?  …we are disappointed that 3rd Ward City Councilman John Hayden, CPA believed everything that was told to him by the Evansville DMD Director about the current economic status of ECHO Housing?  …when Mr. Hayden demand that City Council releases the ECHO Housing funds without knowing the results of the police investigation and the Forensic audit it hurt his chances of being re-elected to his 3rd Ward Council seat?  …we were told that Zach Heronemus (D) will announce in the near future that the shall be Councilman John Hayden, CPA opponent in the 2019 City Council election?
IS IT TRUE that the Courier and Press’s Jon Webb published a solid analysis of the state of violent crime in Evansville during 2018?…the picture is not bright at all as there have been many domestic violence incidents that turned into shootings and knifings that are symptoms of a society that is unable to cope with disagreement without pulling out a weapon?…the carnage of 2017 that landed Evansville a spot in the Final Four of homicide during the last three months of the year was mostly driven by drug traffickers who turned their guns on each other?…while that is a terrible thing for any city to have to deal with, drug dealers shooting drug dealers is not unexpected or particularly dangerous to anyone but the drug dealers?…this latest round of incidents is a deeper problem than having itinerant criminals coming to Evansville to sell drugs and having a turf war with other dirt bags?…what we are seeing this year ranks up there with the heroin needles showing up in children’s sand boxes in a public park that was exposed in 2009 by Evansville City Councilman Dr. Dan Adams and others?…at that time there were also hundreds of abandoned homes where drug users (not the same as drug dealers) would hang out to get high, trade drugs for sex, and plot petty property crimes?…parts of Evansville are very sick from a human ability to cope perspective and neglecting basic infrastructure while seeing basic costs of needs like power and water run to national highs contributes to the decision of some people to drop out of society and self-medicate with illegal drugs?
IS IT TRUE that yesterday members of the Vanderburgh County Commission give an impressive State Of The County address to the Evansville Rotary Club?  …that Commission President Bruce Ungethiem focus on the future expansion of the County jail?  …we found his remarks concerning that the Blue Ribbon Jail Study Committee has been meeting for four months compiling figures and options very interesting?  …Ungethiem comments that the expansion of the County jail is inevitable is spot on?  …that County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave remarks concerning future expansion of roads and utilities were extremely informative?  …she showed that members of the Vanderburgh County Commissioners are visionary and fiscally conservative?  …County Commissioner Ben Shoulders praised the Old National Event Plaza for improving the usage over last year?  …he was extremely effective in convincing Rotarians that members of the Vanderburgh County Commision are living within their means while investing our hard earned tax dollars in a conservative manner?  …we commend all three County Commissioners for presenting a well prepared and informative State Of The County speech?
IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Property Tax Bills are being mailed Monday, April 9th, 2018?  …the Deadline is May 10th, 2018?
Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Should City Council should give Federal and State tax dollars to EHO Housing without knowing the findings of the police investigation and the Forensic audit?
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  1. The “guy” from Jasper who claims to represent “us” is a joke. Nonstarter.

    I mean it. Zero. Zip. No knowledge whatsoever of Indiana hard working farmers and workers.
    He is NOT one of us.

      • (I think Laura knows that. It’s why she’s pointing out the “doesn’t have a clue about the common man” Doctor from Jasper is totally unfit to represent Indiana farmers and Indiana workers. She knows you’re clueless too Dann. Clue. Less.)

        If you watch video of the pathetic Hillary Clinton walk through an auto plant w/ her yellow hard hat on…..and watch the workers grimace as she pretends to “be just like them”…..Richard Moss is WORSE than Hillary at that kind of pretense. Far worse.

  2. Hard to imagine that Obama’s FBI with Director James Comey was helping Hillary and working to sabotage Trump:

    “Ex-FBI Director James Comey compared President Trump to a “mob boss” in a yet-to-be aired interview with George Stephanopoulos, likely signalling that bashing the man who fired him to a fawning press is Comey’s strategy for selling his new book.”

    • Joe. It’s enough to make you wonder if there’s any hope. George Stephanopoulos, who was Hillary’s point man in her war on the women who told the truth about Bill and making millions a year acting like he didn’t, is interviewing the man who completely politicized the FBI for the dems who has written a book blaming the Republicans for everything, which will make him millions for his lies. Gruber goobers will all buy it.
      Trump should use the FBI, CIA, and IRS against the dems just as Obama used them against him. It’s called poetic justice.

      • For you two BOZO’s to think James Comey was trying to help Hillary Clinton win the election – when COMEY makes it public that the FBI is investigating her during the election and savages the situation even more by scheduling press conferences to reinforce the fact…….and DOES NOT make it public that the same thing is being done to Trump?

        For you to say Comey was HELPING Clinton?

        That pathetic loser is now history. But you guys? You are clowns, idiots and on drugs to try to pretend that is true. Next page please.

  3. Only the liberal utopia known as California could come up with this idea, that is so crazy, that Coures and Co’s DMD might consider it for N. Main Street:

    Now, Los Angeles officials want to turn NIMBYism on its head — by paying property owners to put houses for homeless people in their backyards.

    In August, the county Board of Supervisors approved a $550,000 pilot program to build a handful of small backyard houses, or upgrade illegally converted garages, for homeowners who agree to host a homeless person or family. Then in February, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded L.A. a $100,000 Mayor’s Challenge grant to study the feasibility of backyard homeless units within the city limits….

    L.A. city voters agreed to tax themselves $1.2 billion for homeless housing, but units can cost $350,000 apiece and are largely for disabled people. It will take years to reach the goal of 10,000 new apartments.

    The L.A. County pilot program will lend homeowners $75,000 to build a backyard house or $50,000 for a bootleg renovation for up to six units. The loan principal will be reduced each year the unit is occupied by a formerly homeless person and forgiven after 10 years, at which point homeowners can do as they wish with the housing.

    • They could save money by giving them a bus ticket to Evansville. There are already 10,000 ramshackle houses that no one else wants to live in.

  4. Are you left /right people ready to acknowledge that the government is usurping our 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights? I don’t care a Diddly Damn if you are Rep or Dem, but the shit the special counsel or any other branch, such as the SDNY, should scare the shit out of you. Not to mention FISA and other straight forward violations of our inalienable rights as US citizens. If they pull this with DC people, think what they could do on a national, state or local level. You may disagree, but it is an overreach if the government and exactly what the founding Fathers sought to protect ALL of from. Think about the stuff going on and tell me it us not f–king scary like a fiction novel!!!!!


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