IS IT TRUE April 17, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Thunderbolts have made their exit from the playoffs after winning the first game on home ice in front of a paltry crowd that was let in FREE?…the Thunderbolts management at simply $10 per head shredded nearly $25,000 that could have been taken in at the box office suggest that there may not be a sufficient market in Evansville area to support a profitable hockey team even when they make the playoffs?…the reality of the financial losses that are now being absorbed by the taxpayers of Evansville could eventually put an end to the ice hockey sport experiment started by former Mayor Weinzapfel as he was kicking off his campaign dreams of becoming governor of Indiana? …we must remind our readers once again that the Ford Center was advertised by Weinzapfel’s puppet consultants to break even on operations and pay its own loan of $127 million off from operating profits?

IS IT TRUE it was announced yesterday that Tropicana that just finished the land based casino in downtown Evansville that took the place of “the boat” after many years has been packaged up and sold to a new owner?…the most recent owner was the legendary Wall Street investor Carl Icahn who retained ownership of the Tropicana properties for 8 years prior to selling them off to Eldorado Resorts of Reno, Nevada for $1.85 Billion?…this is not surprising as Mr. Icahn has rehabilitated many a company and usually make a very good return for himself and his investors?…the reviews on the new downtown onshore casino have been very postive and we hope to see Eldorado have many prosperous years in downtown Evansville’s most successful entertainment venue?

IS IT TRUE that the number $1.85 Billion is a very large amount of money and should give some perspective to the hole that the City of Evansville has dug for itself by ignoring to have a continuous maintenance plan in place for infrastructure?…between the EPA mandated repairs to the archaic sewer system that will eventually consume close to a billion dollars, the dilapidated water pipes that explode every year in the winter, the miles and miles of sidewalks that aren’t fit to be walked on, plus the pothole filled roads, the City of Evansville is on the hook for at least $1.85 Billion of maintenance?…it was recently revealed that Vanderburgh County is in a similar financial rat hole with over $650 million deferred maintenance issues to deal with too?…that puts people who live in both the city and the county unwilling participants in what is a boondoggle of neglect that may eventually cost the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County close to $3 Billion?…that is enough money to buy two casino brands lock, stock, and barrel?…it is hard to imagine just how much negligence has been exposed locally in the last 10 years?

IS IT TRUE next month our property spring tax payments are due?  …we predict that there are going to alot of upset people when they get their tax notices?

IS IT TRUE it was just announced that the 8th District Republican Congressional candidate, Dr. Richard Moss has raised $100,000 since the last reporting period?  …its looks like his opponent attempt to paint Dr. Moss as a right wing nut job has failed on deaf ears?  …it looksd like voters may be upset with the callous disregard that 8th District Congressmen Larry Bucshon has shown towards them by not debating his opponent has helped contribute to the influx of dollars to Dr. Moss’s campaign?

IS IT TRUE that 8th District Congressional Republican primary candidate Dr. Richard Moss has publically stated that he wants to end birthright citizenship, block amnesty programs, defund sanctuary cities, deport all illegal immigrants, terminate the diversity VISA lottery, encourage merit-based immigration, build a wall and secure our border?  …we would like to know what Congressman Larry Bucshon’s positions are on these important national issues before the upcoming Republican primary?

IS IT TRUE that the political newcomers in local politics better pay special attention to voting people by absentee ballots?

IS IT TRUE we remember in years past if a candidate running for political office turned down an Evansville Courier and Press invitation to publicaly debate their opponent they would had been taken to task?

IS IT TRUE that last night U.S. Senate Republican primary candidate Mike Braum and Vanderburgh County Commission Republican primary candidate Steve Hammer “MEET AND GREET” reception at the Roca Bar-North was a big sucess?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: If the election for the United States Senate was held today who would you vote for?

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  1. Now that we have a Commander-in-chief instead of the Community Organizer-in-Chief:

    “The unprecedented U.S.-led air campaign against the Taliban’s economic engine, opium and heroin, has destroyed 73 drug labs and deprived the narco-jihadist group of $42 million in proceeds since President Donald Trump authorized the operations in November.

    “It’s the first time we’ve used air power to … strike and put pressure on Taliban revenue in the 17 years of the war,” U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Lance Bunch, the chief of air operations targeting insurgent revenues, told USA Today, referring to the authority granted by President Trump last year.

    “The new authority allowed us to strike in areas where previously the Taliban felt like they were completely safe,” added the general.”

    • The web site Breitbart’s ratings dropped 50% since Bannon left.
      That site has become a propaganda site instead of news, it even admits it now, and smart readers have left.

      • Unlike the FBI, the Inspector General is doing great work:
        “The DOJ IG’s report released on Friday was a bombshell. Now we know hidden in it were pieces of information that when put into context with information released at that time indicate unimaginable corruption!

        The DOJ IG’s report related to the many lies made by former FBI Head Andrew McCabe is 39 pages in length. (See report here) We reported on Friday our summary of the report. One key item that was included in the IG’s report was related to Anthony Weiner’s emails.
        We stated –

        The report includes little mention of Anthony Weiner’s laptop emails other than to mention that a meeting was scheduled to get a search warrant to request the emails on October 27th, 2016. The emails were the suspected cause for Comey’s email to Congress on October 28th, 2016, announcing that the Hillary email scandal was being reopened. However, per text messages between Strzok and Page, the FBI knew about the emails in September 2016 and had sent a team to New York to review the emails at that time. ”

        • The Gateway Pundit and JoeBiden:
          If you’re dealing w/ a thug and toothless dunce, you tell him “those hills over there, yep, those are the Himalayas,” and since his brain is made of wood used for crashing into walls wherever he has been pointed, he will believe you.

          • Since you probably didn’t read the article, Gruber goober Dan, here’s the bottom line.
            “The Obama Administration’s corrupt FBI, DOJ and AG all were working to cover-up and stop an investigation into Anthony Weiner’s laptop emails before the 2016 election.” That’s the truth, a subject of which you have little knowledge.

          • sounds to me like mr coulter is afraid of the cops, (kind of like trump is scared like he should be of the fbi, his own doj and his own ag), and hes squealing like a guy in handcuffs and expecting us to believe – the crap coming out of the mouth of a guy – who is being hauled away in handcuffs.
            perps always lie, that mr coulter, is the truth

          • STORMY DANIELS UPDATE: Stormy is now claiming a cute Tom Brady impersonator (Brady is a close friend of Trump’s) threatened her in Vegas to keep silent about the Trump affair:
            “Tom Brady found himself unwittingly pulled into another Trump controversy Tuesday as porn star Stormy Daniels released a sketch of the man she says threatened her to keep quiet about her relationship with the president – a drawing that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Patriots superstar.

            Nobody is actually accusing the famed quarterback of taking time out to harass the adult film star. But media observers and pundits immediately took to Twitter to marvel at the similarities.

            “It’s all coming together,” conservative radio host Ben Shapiro tweeted, with a photo of the sketch and one of Brady next to Trump….

            Daniels described the man as “well dressed,” and said he wore a suit. Daniels described him as up to six feet tall and “lean but fit.”

            “I thought he was someone’s husband,” Daniels said, noting that she thought he was “kind of cute.”


          • Trump, his prostitutes and his Sodomites. Thank you for another sick truth Biden.

      • Really, Gorman. What part of the report is not true? Not $42,000,000? How much then? Or did you even read it?

        • “oh yeah cop! do they know you beat your wife cop? you cops are all on the take! they give idiots badges! the fbi, they’re all crooks! i was just workin man! they put these things on me, and its all bull-sh-t man! i didn’t do nothin! all cops are liars! the cops, they’re all corrupt! i wasnt doing nothin”

  2. “the reviews on the new downtown onshore casino have been very postive…”
    You must be reading Steve Shaeffer’s reviews.
    The local land-based casino has had thumbs down reviews by its patrons since it opened. Casino management has really turned the screws to their patrons. Fewer comps, tighter slots, higher table minimums, short on staff, expensive restaurants, raised rates on hotel rooms and added a “resort fee”, reward card point requirements have increased, and the smoke is very noticable (concensus is management lied when they claimed they were having a state-of-the-art smoke removal system installed, instead they opted to cut $$$ and installed a standard rooftop HVAC system).
    Maybe the new owner will put some new management in place and bring this casino up to par.

  3. Joe Biden, how is it that so many people are places their hopes on the words of a prostitute? Whores lie, yet this one is being held up to have the virtues of Mother Theresa. How incredibly stupid desperate people filled with hate can be.

  4. “deferred maintenance issues” This was known as smart management in the 1990s Privatisation was taking over and operations had never been better. The water and sewer paid as I remember $40,000,000. Not one pipe was replaced in ten years that had not broke. Some of the same managers that were hired from the city were hired back by the city after the private company was tossed out. I was in some of the meeting where we were told not to do anything that did not absolutely have to be done. They eliminated forty working jobs. Forman,operators and labors but increased management by triple numbers. But the town had the lowest rates on water and sewer in the state.


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