Holly’s House Announces Major Gift from Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana


Holly’s House, a local child and adult victim advocacy center, announces Toyota Indiana, Inc. has made a major gift to Holly’s House in support of their “Think First & Stay Safe” elementary school child abuse prevention program. A media event will take place on March 7, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at Holly’s House. During the event, Toyota Indiana representatives, Holly’s House Board Members, and Sidney Hardgrave, Holly’s House Executive Director, will be available for comments.

Implemented in 2010, the primary goal for the “Think First & Stay Safe” program is to improve student knowledge and skills relating to protecting their personal safety. Research into child abuse indicates that young people who are abused are much more likely to struggle with depression and anxiety, have poor academic performance, abuse drugs and alcohol, present behavioral problems, and even commit suicide. In addition, children who are abused are at greater risk of being either the aggressor or victim of violence as adults. Successful prevention and early identification of child abuse is one component of preparing young people for success. The “Think First & Stay Safe” program addresses these concerns by teaching children they have a right to be safe and developing common sense skills for self-protection. Through this program, children are advised how to seek help if they, or others they know, encounter unsafe situations or are being abused. For more information, or to support the “Think First & Stay Safe!” program, please visit www.hollyshouse.org.


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