Highland Challenger League Kicks Off 5th Year

Today was one of the days kids dream about when the cold winter winds come blowing through Evansville. It’s the pure, raw emotion of getting back out onto the baseball diamond that gets everyone through the cold winter months. So it was fitting that Saturday was beautiful outside as the Highland Challenger kicked off its 5th year.

It’s easy to tell the excitement when at a Challenger League game. The kids faces light up when they make contact with the ball and head down the first base line. The kids were especially glowy as they were reminded that they are going to the Little League World Series to play on youth baseball’s biggest stage.

There are two things that set this Challenger League apart: no cost to the families participating and no child is ever left out. It’s those two pillars that will make things tough when planning out the trip to Williamsport.

It will take a lot of dollars and planning to get all members of the Highland Challenger League and family to the LLWS. Today wasn’t just the kick off for baseball games, it was also the first big chance for the organization to start fundraising.

There will plenty of ways to help get the members of the league to the LLWS. For a more detailed look head to the league’s Facebook page. There’s a list of events, which includes a game at historic Bosse Field.

Jeff Goldberg




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