Gov. Holcomb Provides Statement on Allegations Regarding the State’s Attorney General


Gov. Eric J. Holcomb offered the following statement today regarding a report from The Indianapolis Star on an investigation into allegations made against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill:

“I’m in a remote area of Montana with Janet celebrating our anniversary for a few days. I have limited information from media sources I’m able to access.

“We took great care to update our sexual harassment policies for the executive, legislative and judicial branches in the past few months. No one should be subjected to unwanted sexual advances. I commend House and Senate leaders for their immediate and formal follow up to the allegations presented to them.

“I’ll return to Indianapolis late tomorrow night. Until I’ve reviewed the facts in detail, I will have no further comment.”


  1. Name the women, check out their agenda. This sounds like a set up, we have a woman in a drinking bar partying and claiming she was groped. Hope the AG doesn’t resign, hope he fights this to ground. Enough of this, probably baseless but regardless this man’s reputation is damaged.


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