Yesteryear By Pat Sides-Fulton Avenue Near The Lloyd Expressway


Fulton Avenue near the Lloyd Expressway

Views of Evansville change over the years, sometimes so gradually that residents don’t immediately notice. This photograph was taken in the spring of 1985 when the old L & N railroad depot was being demolished in the 300 blocks of South Fulton Avenue.

The view looks north toward the intersection where the Lloyd Expressway overpass is now. The tall building in the distance (at left) is the Sterling Brewing Company, which was called Fulton Avenue Brewery when it was built in 1880; it was razed in 1998. With the exception of the small structure that the man is leaning against, all of the buildings in the picture are now gone.

Age took some of the buildings, but the expressway’s construction also necessitated the removal of others.



  1. I forget! What did Evansville replace this beautiful old building with?


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