Faultless Caster Company by Pat Sides


This photo of the Faultless Caster Company was probably taken shortly after the new three-story brick office building (left) was constructed in 1819, at a cost of $50,000.

Located at 1421 North Garvin Street, the plant had moved to Evansville from Nebraska City, Nebraska, six years earlier. It produced casters for office chairs and other furniture and was drawn to the city because of Evansville’s reputation as a major furniture-manufacturing center.

The company evolved from a hardware store founded in 1889 by Bernard Noelting, and after his death in 1941, his four sons continued to lead the company. Faultless Caster was sold to a Chicago firm in 1965 but remained in Evansville until circa 2003.

The office building was demolished in 1914.


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