CCO EXCLUSIVE: Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann Will Have A Democratic Challenger


Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann Will Have A Democratic Challenger

We have just been told by reliable sources that Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann will have a Democratic challenger this November, it’s going to be former longtime Vanderburgh County prosecutor Stan Levco. 

Vanderburgh County Democratic Chairman, Scott Danks, says; six attorneys have expressed interest in running against Hermann and that Danks considers Hermann to be “very vulnerable.”

Danks also stated; “Hermann only tried one case prior to becoming Prosecutor and was found to be ineffective by our Appellate Courts”. “Since becoming Prosecutor over seven and a half years ago, he has only tried a handful of cases and only tries those that he considers to be slam dunks.” 

Danks went on to say that; “Hermann has the highest number of not guilty verdicts, dismissals and staff turnover of any Prosecuting Attorney in modern history.” 

Danks also claims that Hermann frequently engages in wasteful spending, stating that after Hermann remodeled the prosecutor’s office it was nicknamed the “Nick Mahal.”  Danks also alleges that Hermann overpays his pet employees, misrepresents their duties and forces Defendants to use one or more vendors that contribute heavily to Hermann’s campaign. 

Levco served as Vanderburgh County Prosecutor for over 20 years. Hermann ran against Levco in 2006 and lost by a landslide. Hermann ran again in 2010, and with a Republican tide, won by a narrow margin.

Mr. Danks stated; “Levco is a highly respected career prosecutor. Since leaving the prosecutor’s office, Levco has served as special prosecutor throughout the State, trying high profile, and many times very complex criminal cases. Levco has maintained a very high conviction rate.”

Danks says “the other attorneys who have expressed an interest have indicated they would “stand down” if Levco decides to run, due to Levco’s experience and skill level”.

Danks, who supported Hermann in his successful bid for prosecutor in 2010, said he’s not bashful about admitting when he’s made a mistake and, “that was a big one.”

Footnote:  This article was posted by the City-County Observer without opinion, bias, or editing.


  1. Let me go Levco against the overconfident young hero Herrmann. This ought to be rich. Is Stan betting on himself? What are the odds of him winning?

  2. Very interesting. Once upon a time, didn’t private citizen Danks spend something like $10,000 supporting young Mr. Hermann against Prosecutor “Let ’em go” Levco?

  3. Having set on 2 criminal trial juries while Hermann was Prosecutor, and listening to the local prosecutors present their case, I’m amazed there are any convictions. Juries are not dumb people.

  4. I’ve sat on criminal trial jurys that both Levco and Hermann were the Prosecutor.
    I’m amazed Hermann could ever get a conviction.

  5. This is a joke, right? You mean to tell me the Prosecutor’s job is so poor that no one runs against the joke we have now on the Repub. side and 6 plus a has been on the Demo. side! Let’s see the other 6 and Danks, don’t cave thinking Stan is a shoe in, and dismiss their qualifications. What we have now is a totally unqualified Prosecutor. Years in law enforcement and I knew Roach was going to walk. He should not have been charged with no physical evidence. Good point for all the CSI watchers, a confession or guilt implying statements don’t mean anything in court.

  6. I may vote for Levco if it means he can’t write any more goofy articles for the Courier if he is elected Prosecutor.

  7. read the opinions looney lib levco writes for the evansville courier rag……………….you will then see why he is without a doubt looney lib let’em go levco………….levco is as bias as they come……………….case closed…….

  8. Whew! For a minute I thought you were going to post that Duckwork or Melcher were going to run for that postion.


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