EVSC Teacher Achieves National Board Certification


Jane Elgin, a teacher at McCutchanville Elementary School, recently achieved National Board Certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Being nationally certified means that Elgin earned the profession’s highest mark of achievement through a rigorous, performance-based, peer-review process, demonstrating her proven impact on student learning and achievement. It is the most respected professional certificate available in K-12 education.

“I’m thrilled to celebrate our new National Board Certified Teachers. This is a great personal accomplishment, but it’s more than that – this accomplishment is the reason to celebrate the impact Board-certified teachers have on millions of students nationwide and on the teaching profession at-large. School principals and systems leaders from across the country regularly tell me that NBCTs are making a difference in their students’ learning, strengthening their schools and their communities,” said Peggy Brookins, NBCT, president and CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

National Board certification includes four components:

  1. A comprehensive Test at a testing center to demonstrate that a teacher can interpret student needs, data, best practices, modifications, and high-quality curricula.

  2. Narrative research compiled on two students in a teacher’s class. Teachers must demonstrate they can individualize to be relevant, purposeful, culturally-responsive and collaborative.

  3. Video submissions of teaching in both large and small group settings. Videos are then analyzed by teacher experts. This also includes a narrative written portion of self-reflection and evaluation.

  4. Data collection, analysis and intentional teaching supported by data.

Elgin joins approximately 3,900 teachers out of more than 3 million nationwide to receive this certification.

“After spending nearly 200 hours of my own time to complete this certification, I see it as an expression of my commitment to students and families, pushing myself to a higher standard of achievement and professionalism,” Elgin said. “This process encouraged me to reevaluate old habits, practice new methods, and polish tried and true teaching traditions. By earning this, I feel like I’m honoring my beloved profession and all the teachers who have influenced me.”


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