Evansville Police Are Investigating The Death Of A Man Who Died During Physical Fight With EPD Officers


Evansville Police are investigating the death of a man who died during a physical fight with EPD officers on Friday night.

The officers were dispatched to the D-Patrick car dealership at 4300 Division St at 7:45 pm for a report of an intoxicated man who was in a restricted area of the business. 

Officers attempted to detain the man, but he refused to cooperate. He punched one officer in the nose, knocking him to the ground. A second officer TASED the man. The TASER had a temporary effect, but the man was able to overcome the effects and began running from the officers. He tripped and fell while running and officers were able to catch up to him. During a second altercation, he continued to resist. He was eventually handcuffed. 

Officers turned him onto his side and saw he was not responsive, but he was breathing and had a pulse. A third officer, who was previously an EMT, began monitoring the man. Prior to an ambulance arriving, the man stopped breathing. Officers performed CPR until medics arrived. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment but was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving.

The man has been tentatively identified, but police are not releasing his information at this time. 

In accordance with EPD policy, the officers will be placed on a 3-day administrative leave. 

The police investigation into the man’s death will coincide with an internal investigation. 

Additional details will be released as they are confirmed and become available. 



  1. Liberals started this behavior against law enforcement years ago and it is getting worse. If this was in California where there is no difference between private and public property this would not have been a police matter.


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