YESTERYEAR: Evansville Museum by Pat Sides


The Evansville Museum was organized in 1904, housed in a mansion in Sunset Park that had been built about 1850. The old structure was condemned in 1910, and for several years, the Museum’s holdings were scattered or lost. When the YWCA vacated their old building at 216 NW Second Street (seen here), the Museum re-opened there in 1928. Within the decade, plans were made to build a new and larger facility near the Ohio River, a dream that was realized in 1959 when the Museum returned to Sunset Park. In the distance of this photo, just left of center, the nine-foot metal statue of the Roman god Vulcan can be seen on top of Vulcan Plow Works at First and Ingle streets; it is now on display at the Evansville Museum.


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