Evansville District Wins First Place in Annual Shooting Competition


Ever since 1946, the  Indiana State Police has held a firearms match every year and state troopers compete to outscore each other in a handgun target shooting competition. This year’s contest, which was held last Friday, June 1, was at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield, IN.  The competition consisted of 16 four-person teams from each of the Indiana State Police Posts, Indiana State Police General Headquarters and officers from the Indiana State Police Capitol Police Section. The four member team from the Evansville Post finished in first place.

The troopers who represented the Indiana State Police Evansville Post were as follows:

  • Sergeant George Smith
  • Sergeant Russ Werkmeister
  • Senior Trooper/Detective Wes Kuykendall
  • Senior Trooper Korey Mauck

The competition consists of three courses of fire utilizing a bulls-eye target at 25 yards.  The shooters stand and shoot their issued 45 caliber Sig Sauer semiautomatic handguns one handed. The first course of fire is the “slow fire” course of 10 rounds in five minutes.  The second course of fire is the “timed fire” course consisting of two strings of five rounds in 20 seconds. The final course of fire is the “rapid fire” course which consists of two strings of five rounds in 10 seconds, each for a total of 30 rounds.  All competitors shoot the course twice.

Photo: Pictured (L to R) Senior Trooper/Detective Wes Kuykendall, Sergeant Russ Werkmeister, Sergeant George Smith and Senior Trooper Korey Mauck


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