EVANSVILLE, Ind. — With area schools, libraries and community centers closed due to risks of coronavirus exposure, several national organizations have provided online educational resources for students forced to learn from home.

Here’s a list of online activities and websites students can visit during their break from traditional classroom settings.

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1. Virtual field trips

Through a Google Doc file, students can access over 30 different virtual field trips. They can explore places such as the Great Wall of China, U.S. Space and Rocket Museum, Mars and other destinations from their home computers.

2. Remote science lessons

The online learning platform Mystery Science is offering free remote science lessons for all students, with no account or login needed. Students can participate in a series of lessons and activities designed to increase academic engagement and learning outcomes.

3. Cost-free literacy program

Story Online’s free literacy program, which features Hollywood actors reading to children, is available online for students K-5. Each video also includes virtual activity guides and lessons.

4. More free education sites




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