BREAKING NEWS: Donnelly Votes Against Biggest Tax Cut in Decades Issues Statement Following Tax Cut Vote

File photo of U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly in August 2017 after announcing his run for reelection. Photo by Eddie Drews,

                 Messer: Donnelly Votes Against Biggest Tax Cut in Decades

Issues Statement Following Tax Cut Vote
INDIANAPOLIS (Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017) — Luke Messer issued the below statement following Senator Joe Donnelly’s vote against President Trump’s historic tax cut plan.
“Hoosiers deserve a pay raise. But, Senator Donnelly voted against Indiana’s working families when he opposed President Trump’s tax cut plan,” Messer said. “Senator Donnelly says he works for Indiana, but time and again, he votes with Washington liberals to block the President’s agenda. Thankfully, tax cuts will pass without Senator Donnelly’s help, but Hoosiers deserve better.”
Messer voted yesterday in support of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in the House. Because of obstructionist tactics by Democrats in the Senate, the House will have to vote again today on the legislation.
Messer has consistently urged Donnelly to support the President’s plan and give Hoosiers a tax cut. Donnelly feigned bipartisan interest in working with the President on this tax plan for months.
In addition to his vote against the tax cut plan, Senator Donnelly also cast the deciding vote 51-49 against the President’s plan to repeal Obamacare.
Luke Messer is a family man and conservative who’s fighting for President Trump’s agenda and believes America’s future can be even better than its past. The U.S. Senate is broken. We can do better. For more information about Luke Messer and his campaign for United States Senate, visit
FOOTNOTE: The City County Observer posted this article without opinion, bias or editing.


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