Dick’s Sporting Goods to Stop Gun and Ammo Sales


Dick’s Sporting Goods to Stop Gun and Ammo Sales

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced it will stop selling guns and ammunition at 125 stores across the country. Last February, the company said it would stop selling assault-style weapons after the Parkland school shooting that resulted in 17 deaths.

The business said that sales declined after the age to purchase firearms was raised to 21.



  1. Let them chase off more customers. Doesn’t matter to me. My shadow has not crossed their doorway in over 10 years. I have no plan to spend my money on company that wants to throw in with the leftist mind set.

  2. Pussies. Must be left leaning Libtards. That is ok, I buy ALL my guns and ammo from real 2nd Amendment gun stores. Try your best left leaning anti-gunners, WE will always have the right to defend. You can ONLY pry my hands off my guns, ammo, etc, etc ONLY if you think you can KILL ME.


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