Conservation Officer Receives National Recognition


Indiana Conservation Officer Sgt. Guy Wendorf was recognized yesterday by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) as its North Region Boating Enforcement Officer of the Year (representing 21 states) and as the NASBLA President’s Award recipient.

The awards were presented as part of the annual NASBLA conference in Indianapolis, Sept. 9-12.

Wendorf was recognized for his efforts to educate officers on safe and effective boat handling, enhancement of his agency’s (DNR Law Enforcement) effectiveness and efficiency in addressing threats on the waterways, and effective boating-law enforcement.

Wendorf is assigned to District 10, located on Lake Michigan in Michigan City. He served as a reservist with the United States Coast Guard for eight years before becoming an Indiana conservation officer in 1996.

Wendorf has saved the state thousands of dollars through his active role in writing Port Security Grants. He was instrumental in implementing the Radiological Nuclear Detection (RND) program to further protect the state’s critical assets and infrastructure on Indiana waterways.

Wendorf is a certified NASBLA Boat Crew Member instructor and has certified many Indiana conservation officers to be prepared for state and national deployments during natural disasters. He has been instrumental in the enhancement of DNR Law Enforcement’s underwater search capabilities.


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