Clean Energy Resolution Passes Evansville City Council

Tonight a clean energy resolution passed through the Evansville City Council seven to two. The resolution aims to gradually reduce the cities carbon footprint by 2050. Council members say clean energy can benefit energy bills, and create jobs.

“It’s only when you run out of the air when you run out of water that you realize how important it is. We are lucky to take it for granted,” says Gina Robinson Ungar.

Solar energy is on the rise in Evansville, and City Council members Dan McGinn and Dr. H Dan Adams want to make sure to keep the green trend moving.

A clean energy resolution proposal passed through the City Council, and some River City residents support the measure.

After a devastating drought affected many farmers in 2012…

“I felt abandoned by the sky. I mean that is how it felt. You are looking up and you need the rain for things to grow and for some relief and it did not rain for months and months,” says Robinson Ungar.

Going green could mean keeping more green in the bank.

How the plan will affect the taxpayer…

“It depends. I think that there will be entrepreneurs who will figure out a way to make money by producing electricity with solar power, or with wind power, or why not hydroelectric power. You know we have the Ohio River,” says Councilmember McGinn.

Buildings in Evansville have already gone green with their light bulbs, but now Council members want to push to continue reducing the cities carbon footprint.

“Save some money on electric bills. I mean our bills are extremely high. The cost of oil gets high,” says McGinn.

“If we get rid of the carbon and all of the other nasty chemicals that are produced by fossil fuels it has to be somewhat better.”

The clean energy resolution is non-binding so that means the city council cannot progress the plan into a law.



  1. When you can’t (or, won’t) do anything meaningful to help right the sinking ship of Evansville, do something feel good for 30 years down the road. It may be absolutely unattainable, but it gives their base a warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? Like Hatfield’s bill in Indy putting an end to pet ownership. Electric and invisible fences are felony offenses? Hatfield and AOC on the same page, eh?


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