Buckskin Drum And Bugle Corps By Pat Sides


As soon as the United States entered the First World War on April 6, 1917, virtually the entire population of Evansville began to mobilize. Patriotic parades occurred frequently, and many local businesses organized their own marching bands.

This is the Buckskin Manufacturing Company’s drum corps, which was composed of twenty-six young women. The talented band was an immediate crowd-pleaser, and at least twenty-five more women waited to join the elite group. As their reputation spread, the corps was invited to appear before the Indiana State legislature and as far away as St. Louis.

They wore khaki uniforms made by their own company, which was located at 111 Main Street and renamed Stanley Clothing Company in 1929.


  1. And at the same time the foks of German descent in the area were terrorized, crosses burnt in their yards, family members beaten, press burnt. KKK grew increasingly active in these events. In just a few weeks these patriots destroyed a hertage that would never recover.


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