BREAKING NEWS: Names Of The 13 Candidates And Or Elected Officials That Had Defects In Their Campaign Finance Reports


Posted Below You Will  Find The Names That Received Letters From The Vanderburgh County Election Board Regarding Defects In Their Campaign Finance Reports.

Paul Abramson

Jim Brinkmeyer

Alex Burton

Archie Carter

David Christmas

Stephen Melcher

Missy Mosby

Alex Schmitt

Ben Trockman

Jonathan Weaver

Laura Brown Windhorst

Lloyd Winnecke

Jennifer Yaser

FOOTNOTE: Both Laura Brown Windhorst and Jim Brinkmeyer have already filed amended reports with the corrections noted by the Election Board.  This is a developing story.



  1. The CCO investigative reporters are breaking major stories this week! First reporting on the Harrison HS student arrested in school with a loaded hand gun and now this. Great work CCO.

  2. Not a big deal. Happens all the time on finance reports. Without knowing what the errors are, this article is meaningless.

  3. Surprising that Mayor Winnecke is on the list. He’s certainly no political novice. Same with Melcher. However it’s not surprising to see certain others.

  4. I’m not surprised to see these names,I don’t trust any of em ,kinda surprised there isn’t more names


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