Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dies at 93

Word came at 7 p.m. that former first lady and wife of former President George H.W. Bush and mother of former President George W. Bush had passed.
The former first lady had been in failing health and only days ago announced she would not continue seeking treatment. Barbara Bush is only the second woman to be both a wife and a mother to a president of the United States.


In her role as the first lady misses bush championed literacy. By the 2012 campaign, she spoke of the lack of civility in political debate.

In 2016, she was back on the trail, as another son Jeb Bush sought the Republican nomination. Misses bush has been receiving treatment for the thyroid condition graves disease for many years.

Early last year, she was hospitalized for bronchitis. A family spokesman says barbara bush died at home in Houston.

Funeral arrangements are pending.



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