BREAKING NEWS: Body Camera Footage Released Amid Rumors On Fatal Police Chase

 The Evansville Police Department releases body camera footage of the fatal police chase that left a brother and sister dead, 7 month-old Prince, and 2 year-old Princess Carter.

The press conference comes after social media rumors of a EPD cruiser hitting the back of McFarland’s vehicle, and officer’s pulling guns on the victims.

Snap chat video from a neighbor shows officer’s pulling their weapons on the mother and child.

Sergeant Cullum with the Evansville Police Department released a statement, and held a press conference to address the social media rumors.

“With the stress and the actual lack of contact he had with the suspects vehicle, I can see why the officer made that misidentification.”

Video shows the officers realizing the car was not the suspects car, and calling for emergency response.

The two body camera videos from both officers shows the pursuit, stopping short of showing their actions to save the two young children injured.

The video shows the officers tailing McFarland, but not striking the back of his vehicle as some people on social media think.

Sergeant Cullum says officers followed department policy.

“We are using our training and our experience, our department guidelines, and statutory issues to make those split second decisions.”

The mother Janae Carter, and the children’s father Terrence Barker were driving on Linwood avenue when 27 year-old Frederick McFarland running from police, crashed into their vehicle.

After an investigation, police say McFarland ran threw the stop sign on Monroe Avenue before crashing into the Carter’s PT Cruiser.

Frederick McFarland remains hospitalized under police guard and is expected to face charges of felony fleeing, murder and more.

Amanda Porter

Reporter and Anchor for 44News


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