Bosma Faces Ethics Questions About Gambling Bill


Bosma Faces Ethics Questions About Gambling Bill


House Speaker Brian Bosma has taken steps to distance himself from a gambling bill that would authorize a casino in Terre Haute because his law firm has a contract with the Vigo County Capital Improvement Board, which supports the measure.

The Indianapolis Star first reported the conflict of interest, which Bosma had disclosed to the House Ethics Committee.

The Star said the law firm’s contract with the Vigo County group was arranged by Terre Haute businessman Greg Gibson, one of two principal investors in Spectacle Entertainment. Spectacle recently purchased two casino boats in Gary and has successfully pushed lawmakers to let him move one of the licenses to Terre Haute.

Even without Bosma’s support, the gambling bill sailed through the Indiana House on a 78-15 vote.


      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you were responsible. I read a number of Indiana papers and did see this in the Star. Even though I subscribe to the C&P, I have to go to the Star and Fort Wayne paper to see what’s actually transpiring in our state. The CCO is the only reliable local news source available and for that I thank you.


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