Board of Public Safety Agenda


Business with Representatives:

Departmental Reports:


A. Police Department – Captain Stephanie Cox

  1. Request approval for permission to purchase nine (9) Ford SUV Interceptors using the State QPA.
  2. Request approval of donation of equipment and supplies from the Evansville Police Department Foundation to EPD for use and benefit. (see list of items provided)
  3. Request approval of the purchase agreement between the Chandler Police Department and the Evansville Police Department for the purchase and sale of K-9 “Rizzo”. (Attorney, Mike Luttrull)
  4. Approval of K-9 Ownership Transfer Agreement Form. (Attorney, Mike Luttrull)

B. FireDepartment–ChiefMain

1. Request approval of the Fire Extinguisher Training Program Letter and Waiver/Release of Liability Forms.

2. Request approval for the Fire Watch Agreement Form.

Board of Public Safety Evansville, Indiana

Michael Retter, President Kayce Zeller, Vice President Richard Hubbard, Member Mike Luttrull, Counsel Attorney


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