Blount Plow Works by PAT SIDES


The Blount Plow Works was organized in 1867 in a small shop in downtown Evansville.

The city’s economy and the population exploded in the aftermath of the Civil War, and as his sales steadily rose, Henry F. Blount moved his operations to Fifth and Locust streets before building a third and larger plant on the west side of North Main Street (pictured here), between Illinois and Franklin streets. Occupying a city block, the new factory opened in 1881; it manufactured “true blue steel” plows, wagons, and other farm implements.

Under new ownership, the company’s name was changed to Burch Plow Works in 1947. After it relocated, the old plant was razed in 1970 and replaced by a Great Scot supermarket and large parking lot.


  1. Actually, the plant was raised prior to 1970. I worked at the Main Street Great Scot in 1968 while attending college. That being said, Pat’s articles about Yesteryear are one of the main reasons I visit this blog. Keep up the good work, Pat.


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