Bikers Leave For 300 Mile Trip, Supporting EVSC Students In Need


Bikers Leave For 300 Mile Trip, Supporting EVSC Students In Need

A team of seven suited up and started on their 300-mile bike ride. The bikers are employees of a branding agency called Grin. They are biking from Evansville to Chicago.

“What started this was we learned that in the EVSC last year 21,000 times kids couldn’t pay their lunch fees,” says Phil Mowrey, Senior Partner of Grin. Their goal is to raise awareness of the EVSC Foundation’s “Student Response Fund” which helps students whose basic needs aren’t met. They are hoping to raise $10,000. “It’s a pretty big deficit in the lunch fund. We are trying to take a dent out of that.”

Officials say this money will help pay for various needs of Evansville students including their lunches, eyeglasses, and clothing. This bike ride is expected to take four days, and officials say they couldn’t have done it without the support of the community.

“This is a lot more expensive than we might have imagined,” says Mowrey.

One of their sponsors says they are glad they got to help make this event possible.

“This is a great thing to do, and we are very happy to be participants in the event,” says Gib Riffle, Marketing Director of ProRehab.

Grin says so far they have raised $7,500. They hope they can gain momentum to carry them into next year.

“This is our first year doing this. We hope next year we can gain some speed and we will start putting more money on it,” says Mowrey.

If you would like make a pledge to their cause click here.





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