Available Online Credits Double For IU McKinney Students


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Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law students pursuing a juris doctorate degree online can now receive twice as many credits than they could before.

After the American Bar Association made the move to double the number of available online credits for J.D. students from 15 to 30 last fall, the Hoosier law school followed suit. Under former Standard 306, law schools could not grant more than 15 credit hours from online courses toward a J.D. degree, or enroll first-year students in online education. But a proposal from the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar increased that number to 30 credit hours and enabled 1L’s to take up to 10 online credits.

“We are proud to be a regional leader in online offerings in the JD program, complementing our recognized full-time and part-time JD programs and better fulfilling our mission of offering affordable, accessible, and inclusive legal study,” Professor and director of McKinney Law Online Max Huffman said in a statement Wednesday.

“Our roster of courses is unparalleled in its quality and relies on the individual expertise of our teaching faculty, offering the same variety of pedagogy that our students enjoy in the classroom.”

Huffman said the change is significant and will mainly impact J.D. students. However, the number of credits will also increase for Master of Jurisprudence students, who can receive up to 14 credits, as well as Master of Laws students, who may earn 11 credit hours online.

Between three and five courses are taught online each semester, including the summer, totaling approximately 40 credit hours per year. Those courses are created by IU McKinney school faculty in partnership with professional course designers provided by Indiana University Online and the IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning.

“I’m very proud of the work that Professor Huffman and my colleagues are doing to keep IU McKinney on the leading edge of online learning,” said Dean Andrew R. Klein.




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