Autopsy Scheduled Wednesday For Body Found In Evansville

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Autopsy Scheduled Wednesday For Body Found In Evansville

A gruesome discovery is causing concern for people in one Evansville neighborhood.

A tip led Evansville police to the backyard of a home on South New York avenue.

When police arrived they discovered a body lying in the backyard.

“We sent our officers and our detective over to try to verify that information, and we did find what we believe to be a body,” says Evansville police captain Stephanie Cox.

After getting a search warrant for the property EPD detectives made their way inside to search for answers as previously reported.

“There was no one in the home,” says Capt. Cox.

“They are going to be going through that with a fine tooth comb to process anything we think might possibly be there.”

Neighbors say the house has been empty for years.

Right now, police say they aren’t able to confirm the gender, age or race of the person they found.

So there are a lots of questions surrounding the circumstances of how the body got there in the first place.

And often times neighbors can help fill in some of the gaps in these investigations.

“We want to talk to that person as well as everyone in the neighborhood too see if they seen anything, that could lead us to who this person might be and what happened to them,” says Cox.

Neighbors like Bill Moss say they are concerned.

“It’s horrifying to that you live so close to so much chaos going on right now.”

Detectives are starting to go over evidence recovered from the house.

Police are also working to compare any recent missing persons reports to see if today’s discovery could be linked to any of those cases.

Vanderburgh county coroner Steve Lockyear is investigating the discovery.

An autopsy is scheduled Wednesday at 1 p.m.



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