Auto Repairs: This is the Perfect Time to Get Your Car in Tip-Top Shape


Auto Repairs: This is the Perfect Time to Get Your Car in Tip-Top Shape


It was a relief to see that the service departments of automobile dealerships and independent auto repair outlets were included on the list of essential services.

Knowing this, I decided to get some deferred maintenance done since my mechanic is only 2 miles from my home. I called for a quote and got it back pronto.  I accepted the quote and drove the car over for some work. The shops are open but do not appear to have much to do.  I personally overheard a conversation at a local mechanic shop where the staff was being advised that their hours on a given day were not to exceed 6.5 hours. Now I am looking for more work to have done because these people need work.

After driving over, instead of getting a ride home from the shop, I decided to walk the 2 miles back and get some outdoor exercise that really improves my mental health in times like these.  I will be expecting a call this afternoon to come to pick my car up with a brand new set of brake shoes.  I could have put this off but this is the perfect time to do the work.  This is a win-win solution.  My car is updated and my favorite shop kept a mechanic on the payroll for another day.

Those of you who are able and secure, please consider getting all of your deferred maintenance done to help out the essential service workers who fix our cars and keep us mobile.



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