AG Curtis Hill Files Motion Supporting Trump Administration’s Clean Energy Rule


Attorney General Curtis Hill has filed a multistate motion supporting the Trump administration’s pro-coal Affordable Clean Energy Rule as it faces a court challenge. As part of a 20-state coalition, Attorney General Hill seeks to intervene in defense of the rule’s repeal of the so-called Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era regulation.

“We must keep energy clean and affordable while at the same time respecting each state’s individual authority to represent their own interests,” Attorney General Hill said. “We are capable of protecting both the environment and state sovereignty.”

The Affordable Clean Energy Rule respects the important role of states in regulating energy and air quality. It is a step forward in embracing Congress’ intent for cooperation between the state and federal governments, correcting the previous one-size-fits-all model that threatened to devastate coal communities across the nation.

By promoting such cooperation, the Affordable Clean Energy Rule restores each state’s authority to consider factors specific to the energy needs and facilities in their borders, including costs, practical achievability and the useful life of any particular power plant.



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