IS IT TRUE that Downtown Evansville CEO Joshua Armstrong has been around Evansville for about 2 decades now with 2 failed restaurants under his belt?…one was called the Firefly that specialized in Louisiana cooking in a building on the Lowe’s parking lot on the Eastside?…the other was a smaller version of that inside the eating space in the ONB Building?…after these two failures Armstrong did a stint at the Olive Garden before being recruited to take on the Presidency of Downtown Evansville?…Armstrong comes to us from Southern California where he earned degrees from UCLA in political science and art history?…these are not degrees that typically lead to commercial positions and it is sort of suspect to ask what qualified Armstrong to be President after two failed enterprises and a stint working at Olive Garden?…he must have a decent reputation where it counts though because the “Mole Nation” tells us that he is being paid over $100,000 per year and recently was given a $10,000 raise?…that is pretty good pay for making sure the Christmas lights are up and claiming to be an important deal maker?…we wonder how many other people who work for the City of Evansville or its surrogates make that kind of money and got a $10,000 raise last year?


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