“Living Outside The Box” Luncheon Underwriter Is Torian Insurance Agency


“Living Outside The Box” Luncheon Underwriter Is Torian Insurance Agency

Event Chairman Steve Hammer stated “that our monthly speaker series focuses on homegrown businesses successes and challenges. Mr. Hammer says; “Living Outside The Box” speakers series features unique and insightful stories of success and perseverance from prominent business leaders that tend to fly under the public radar.”

City-County Observer Publisher, Ron Cosby also added; “We understand that there are a lot of successful entrepreneurs who, because of economic, technological, or political challenges, have experienced a negative impact on their businesses.”   “We actively search for local business people who went through economic adversity due to bureaucratic restrictions, governmental intervention or increased competition”.  “This “Speaker Series” has turned out to be a great resource for locally owned and developing businesses.”  “We are extremely pleased that Kevin R. Koch, President & CEO, Koch Enterprises, Inc.will be our guest speaker at today’s event at Biaggi’s”.  We also give special thanks to Torian Insurance Agency for underwriting this event.

Torian Insurance Agency Has Deep Roots In The Evansville Business Community

In a prepared statement the President of Torian Insurance Andy Dillow told the City-County Observer “that in 1923, Garnett Torian founded Torian Insurance with a passion for serving others, and an inherent philosophy to help people live their lives worry-free. Educating and helping others protect their legacies is ingrained in our DNA.”

Andy Dillow also stated that “throughout our 96 years, and with every new partner and client, the importance of family, community and good business has never wavered. And it never will. The Torian legacy will always nod to the values we were founded on while raising our glasses to ingenuity.”

“We appreciate a firm handshake and the opportunity to look you in the eyes while earning your trust the old-fashioned way”.  “We embrace fresh perspectives, technology, and innovation. The success of our business relies on doing things this way: the old way, in our own, refreshing way and always with your best interest at heart.”

Mr. Dillow stressed that “we’re your neighbors. Our kids play on the same sports team. We share the passion for the same causes, volunteer for the same charities and attend the same churches.  We are best friends and community partners and are interconnected by our community.  We are there when you need us, and still protecting you, even when you don’t.”  “Your livelihood – your business, your home, your car, your family – is worth more than 15 minutes of our time. We sincerely want to know more about your goals, ideas and what are you trying to accomplish.”

“Better insurance coverage means less worry and less risk, no matter what life throws your way. We won’t quote you the fastest, or cheapest insurance available. We help match you with quality insurance coverage that matters for your life. Advising and educating you about your options as we would our own family. No one can predict the future, but Torian Insurance sure can help you prepare for it.”

Torian President Andrew Dillow concluded that “you deserve the best coverage and we hope to change what you expect from your insurance policy and agent.”  “Clear, honest answers about how your insurance coverage protects you in life are fundamentally important by embracing the world around you: well-prepared, and with confidence.”



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