“IS IT TRUE” JULY 11, 2019


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way? 

IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party as most people knew it before the debacles of 2010–2011 would not recognize the wreckage that the once proud party of the people has become?…there was a period of time when the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party dominated the Vanderburgh County leadership positions and elected offices totally?…that all changed with the hubris exhibited in the community meetings leading up to seeing the Ford Center crammed down the taxpayer’s throats without a referendum?…this was of course orchestrated by former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel who was alleging measuring the windows in the Governor mansion for new curtains based on the prediction of Larry Aitken who was the voice, money and whip of the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party for many years?…it was this level of hubris and arrogance that inspired the late great Rick Davis to make an announcement that he would be a candidate for Mayor of Evansville in the 2011 election?…that was followed by the Homestead Tax Credit fiasco, the ghost employee at Gauge, Floatgate, ChickenGate, and a whole bunch of other buffoonery that culminated in Davis primary election win.  …Republican Lloyd Winnecke became the hand-picked successor of the Democratic party machine and Davis was defeated by a slim margin in the General election?  …the Vanderburgh County Democratic hasn’t been the same since?

IS IT TRUE that yesterday the Vanderburgh County Democrat party took a body blow that may reduce it to rubble when Attorney Scott Danks resigned from the leadership role?…Danks spent 3 years as chairperson after a lifetime of supporting Democrat candidates and goals?…Danks gave it his best shot to resurrect the damage done by the Democrat Machine to itself during the exit of Weinzapfel from politics?…we commend Scott for trying and wish him well as he lives his life in the excellent manner that he is known to?…Danks has been a leader in many ways but resurrecting Weinzapfel and the Machine’s folly was more than he wanted to handle and now the Party is left to its own devices?…we hope that his replacement isn’t a big supporter of all things that result in higher taxes and more free stuff?…we predict this narrative will not play well in Evansville and that the decline of the Vanderburgh Democrat Party will continue if the Democratic party of Vanderburgh County adopted a liberal tax and spend philosophy?

IS IT TRUE we are told by people in the know that embracing the fringe elements of the national Democrat platform is not likely to appeal to people in the Midwest or South and will ultimately bring about a downfall across the country in places where people still have traditional values?…Bernie, Kamala Harris, Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, and other hard left progressives will be challenged to get any traction in places with common sense?…they may have the heart of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York but the rest of the country sees this pack of 24 for what they are and that is going to be bad news for them?…for one of the few times, Evansville seems to be at the leading edge of a national movement back to common sense, traditional values, and rejection of all things far left?

IS IT TRUE when Vanderburgh County GOP Chairman Wayne Parke made negative  remarks towards City Councilman Dan McGinn and he left the Republican Party?  that he did similar to Republican County Commission candidate Steve Hammer and the former GOP party secretary Hobart Scales?  …he also sent an in your face letter to the Evansville Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer because he supported a democratic friend who ran for a political office in another city? …he has publicly taken to task the Vanderburgh County Commission Cheryl Musgrave and now is he doing similar to the Republican At-Large City Council candidate Alex Schmitt? …its also been reported that over the years Mr. Parke has also sent less than complimentary e-mails to numerous Republicans office holders and appointed officials alike?  …we been told it would be helpful if Mr. Parke read a book entitled “How To Win Friends and Influence People”?

IS IT TRUE during the last four years Mayor Winnecke campaign committee has employed the services of an out-of-state (Washington D C) political polling  and marketing firm? …his campaign committee has spent between $10,000 to $20,000 dollars each year do a scientific polls concerning how the people of Evansville feel about his overall performance as Mayor?  …this doesn’t sound like this a “Keep It Local” business transaction?

IS IT TRUE we wonder if you would spend over a million dollars to be elected to a position that pays a little over a $100,000 a year?  …if the answer is “yes” then you should run for Mayor of Evansville, Ind?

IS IT TRUE that the Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission and Advisory Council, which includes education and business leaders, have been tasked with providing recommendations for how to achieve competitive compensation for teachers? …that this commission will deliver the recommendations to the governor and the General Assembly prior to the 2021 legislative session?  …that Dr. David Smith, Superintendent of Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation has been appointed to serve on this committee?  …we hope that he will be more objective in recommending future teacher compensation than he has done in the past?

IS IT TRUE if the Governor would spend less time in raising money for his re-election and more time trying to find money for the proposed addition to the Vanderburgh County jail we would now be breaking ground on a 700 bed facility?

IS IT TRUE that Steve Lacy and Joe Fisher co-owners of BEC BROWN Equipment are doing a phenomenal job in taking their firm to the next level?  …these individuals are a prime example of why we started the “Working Outside The Box” speakers series? …that we would be honored if both gentlemen would agree to attend on next  “Working Outside The Box” speakers series on July 25, 2019?

IS IT TRUE that another CCO staff member went to “AMY’S ON FRANKLIN” last Friday night and was impressed by his incredible steak, service, and atmosphere? …he predicts that “AMY’S ON FRANKLIN” will quickly become one of the area’s favorite places for people to take their family and friends to wine and dine?

Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel when Scott Danks resign from the Vanderburgh County Democratic party Chairmanship it will hurt current Democratic City Council candidates election chances?

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  1. Is it true that with the departure of old school Democrat Chairman Danks, the table is set for transfer of power to “progressive” Vanderburgh County Democrat officers that intend to bring the local party in-line with the positions of the leading 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates? Open boarders, free health care for illegals, taxpayer funded abortions and higher taxes will not play well with old school Democrats, union workers and local business owners.

  2. Mr. Danks longer fits in the new Democrat party of AOC and Omar. He’s a family man married to a woman, very successful at a real job, and is Caucasian. Good luck and best wishes to him. Job well done.

  3. The new chairwoman of the new Democrat party will be Hardcastle who falls in line with AOC and Omar. It should probably be Connie Robinson, her winning personality and support of our police officers places her in an enviable position with local liberals and moderate democrats. Wayne Parke is on it, get rid of lame conservatives Right Now, don’t let them drag the party down. I’d rather see a real liberal win than an opportunist running as a conservative.


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