Joe Wallace’s Book Was Named The #1 New Release In The Green Business Category

Photos of the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards at the Riverside Convention Center on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014. Photo by Rodrigo Pena Photography.
Joe Wallace was notified on April 12 that his first book “Living Outside the Box” had been approved for publication on Amazon.
CVEP CEO Joe Wallace, the former Editor of the City-County Observer and the founding CEO of GAGE officially published his book “Living Outside the Box” on Friday, April 12, 2019.  Within 24 hours Wallace’s book was named the #1 New Release in the Green Business Category and was occupying the #4 and #7 sales spots in the categories assigned to it.
Wallace served the City-County Observer for 5 years on an everyday basis and has contributed articles to other area publications. From time to time he continues to write articles for publication in the CCO on important local topics.  Wallace has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the Desert Sun, the New York Times, USA Today and many periodicals pertaining to technology and economic development.  “Living Outside the Box” is his first book.
Wallace’s book had its origins in a meeting at Innovation Pointe where another meeting to think outside the box was rebuffed by Wallace as an exercise in futility since such meetings never resulted in any action.
“Living Outside the Box” is a call to action beyond the cliche’ of thinking outside the box that typically ends without any action being taken. To change the world takes fearless actions and this book is the guide to how to live your life and change the world for the better.
The book begins with a chapter called “When the Earth was Flat” where the evolution of accepted knowledge is reviewed to set the stage for the deliberate ways to live to have a high level of positive impact.
From eternal awareness, visioning, artfully exposing shortcomings, recognizing and connecting important things, and executing plans with action, “Living Outside the Box is a field guide for people who aspire to be impactful.  Finally, a chapter describes how innovation hubs were established in the greater Palm Springs region that has begun to put together a variety of technology businesses.  Joe describes how CVEP took on the role of being the keepers of the long term vision and actions to take now to achieve those visions.  In the last chapter, Wallace selects six people who have literally changed the world by living outside the box.
Book signings are being arranged by the City-County Observer for mid-May when Wallace will be in Evansville in route to the Future of Everything conference in New York City where the leading thinkers and implementers of the nation gather annually to discuss the future of the world.
When contacted by the CCO about the book Wallace said “My time in Evansville served to clarify where I needed to be to serve as a catalyst for positive technological change. I  hope that my time in Evansville served to move the ball forward, but after 10 years it was time to return to California.  I keep up with Evansville and value the friendships that I made while there.  I always have and always will wish prosperity for Vanderburgh County and the City of Evansville.”
Mr. Wallace will be in Evansville for a book signing event on May 18th.  Details are forthcoming.
The following link is to Amazon where the paperback is available.
Living Outside the Box is available as an ebook on the following link.


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