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Joe Wallace is the author of the forthcoming book called Living Outside the Box that took its inspiration from a series of situations where thinking outside the box never lead to action. 

Finally, in a moment of frustration, Joe uttered the words “what good does it do to think outside the box if you don’t have the courage to live outside the box?”   The title and the idea of this book were born with that statement.

Excerpt from Chapter 2: Eternal Awareness

“Some people seem to have an insatiable curiosity about what is going on around them.  Others are content to go with the flow and avoid the exercise of learning what makes their surroundings tick and more importantly what are the opportunities from the improvement that are literally right under one’s nose. The level of curiosity that a person has is directly proportional to the number of opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest or identify things within a particular region or ecosystem that are in need of improvement.

The origins of entrepreneurship are the ideas and perspectives that people have and then act upon to create changes that often have profoundly positive economic or social outcomes. These outcomes can range from businesses that create wealth through solving problems by offering solid solutions to existing problems to elegant services that make human life better.

Ideas and perspectives germinate in the minds of acutely aware individuals during the day to day activity of living. By the powers of observation and through a healthy feeling of discontentment with the status quo, curious visionaries identify potential solutions to society’s problems. When these visionaries have ambition, drive, and access to capital, sometimes they become entrepreneurs. When their ideas become successful products and services, the entrepreneurs and their communities can accumulate wealth and enhance the quality of life.”

Author Bio:

Joe Wallace is CEO and Chief Innovation Officer of the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership that operates the Palm Springs Innovation Hub where he also serves as the founding Managing Director. Wallace entered the world of mentoring entrepreneurs and businesses serving as the founding President and CEO of the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville and Innovation Pointe where entrepreneurship was the prime focus. 

Joe’s work has been honored with the CSU San Bernardino’s Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award, the R & D Top 100 Award, the Clean Air Award, and the Indiana University Growth 100 Award along with many others.  Over his career, Joe has been recognized as a creative leader who is not afraid to live his life outside the box.  

Wallace was graduated from Stanford University with an MS in Mechanical Engineering and has earned technical certifications from both Harvard and MIT. With over 10 start-up businesses and experience mentoring over 100 others, Joe enjoys a reputation of a person with a depth of technical knowledge who applies common sense solutions that work to business and life.


We highly recommend if your a CEO of a developing corporation this book is a must read for you middle and upper echelon management team!

Joe’s book is extremely insightful and intellectually based.




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