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We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that Bill Schirmer, President and CEO of Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union, was recently honored by the Indiana Credit Union League as its Professional Achievement Award winner?  …we congratulate Mr. Schirmer for his receiving this prestiges award?

IS IT TRUE we are told that a couple of local taxpayers are considering asking the city to start a $250 million dollars “GO FUND ME” account to help some struggling Eastside, Westside, Northside and Center City businesses to help them make needed improvements to their properties, sidewalks and streets in order for them to attract new customers? …they feel whats good for Downtown and North Main Street properties owners should be good enough for the business owners of other areas of the city?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Thunderbolts have gotten nearly halfway through the season and are sitting in last place in the league they play in?…after 28 games the Thunderbolts have won exactly 4 games for a record of 4-24?…the crowd at the Saturday night loss to Peoria by a score of 6-1 was estimated to be nearly 2,000 hockey fans but pictures taken in the Ford Center and posted on a recent Facebook page make it looK like it was way less than 1,000 fans and that is being generous? …we wonder why the main stream media aren’t challenging the Thunderbolts attendance figures put out by the officials at the Ford Center?

IS IT TRUE it’s a known fact that the taxpayers of Evansville tax dollars are being used to subsidized the Thunderbolts Hockey team?  …the taxpayers have a right to see the Evansville Thunderbolts financial performance numbers for the season so far?

IS IT TRUE one of our posters overheard a City Council member say that Mesker Amphitheater is gonna be rebuilt, and MEXICO is going to pay for it?
IS IT TRUE that after all of these years that started with the admonition by Evansville City Councilman Dr. Dan Adams at the downtown Evansville Rotary Club, Evansville is still one of the only medium sized cities in the nation not to have imposed a smoking ban indoors?…that was cowardice of the highest order and showed a government addiction to tax money from places where smokers gather?…several City Council members over the years have called upon the State of Indiana to bail them out from the albatross of a smoking ban and it has never happened?…perhaps this $2 tax will help?…high taxes on cigarettes have helped reduce smoking everywhere with or without bans and it is about time that Indiana joined the modern world?…our elected officials have hid from this issue like a child hides from a ghost?…the option to save ourselves has been squandered time and time again in the name of keeping the tax dollars flowing and the graveyards growing?
IS IT TRUE that the “GoFundMe” campaign that was raising money to build a wall along the US-Mexico border did not meet its $1 billion goal, meaning the platform will begin refunding donors?
IS IT TRUE it has only been almost 8 years since former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel proclaimed that a new downtown JW Marriot would be built with no public incentive? …that it never happened? …right after Weinzapfel left office Mayor Winnecke stepped up and made a new downtown Hotel a reality?
IS IT TRUE that were told that Mayor Winnecke gave a $29 million dollar taxpayer funded incentive to an out of town Developer/Builder to build the new downtown Doubletree Hotel? …we are told right after the Hotel was opened the Mayor Winnecke give the keys of the Hotel to the out of town-of-state Developer/Builder without charging him one dollar?
IS IT TRUE we wonder when Evansville Mayor Winnecke and Ivy Tech-Evansville Chancellor Jonathan Wienzapfel are going to publicly demand that newly built IU Medical School will include Ivy Tech 1,500 Medical Tech schools in their plans?  …that the taxpayers Evansville pledged $59 million dollars to insure that the new Downtown IU Medical School will house Ivy Tech Community College Medical Tech students? …could this be called a breach of contract and also a breach of the public trust?
IS IT TRUE that in 2017 DMD purchased two lots located behind Gelhausen Paint on West Iowa street for the grand total of $63,000.00 in exchange for letting the public park on it when this lot was paved? …that this lot is now a first class paved public parking lot that is currently being used to park a Church bus? … we been told that the cost to turned this vacant lot into first class paved public lot to park a church bus costs the taxpayers well over $100,000?
Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Who was the most effective Mayor of Evansville?
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  1. Kudos to the CCO for highlighting the farce, total bs artist, JoeBiden promotes here every day, that somehow he can promise THOUSANDS OF TIMES that MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL!! only to cram the cost onto US Taxpayers in the US Budget.

    C’mon Joe! Lead us all into a new campaign to rebuild Mesker with Mexican Pesos!!! (Then lie and claim all along you said County and City Taxpayers we’re gonna pay for it.)

    • Why Democrats Oppose The Wall: Trump Will Actually Build It

      The conservative consensus is that Democrats don’t want to fund President Trump’s wall because they hate him. Well, yes, Democrats do indeed hate President Trump, and yes, it’s a deep-seated hatred, a visceral, soul-rotting hatred, but that’s not the real reason they won’t fund the wall.

      The biggest reason Democrats won’t even partially fund the wall is their absolute certainty that given the money, the president will actually build the thing….

      The standoff over the wall looks like a lose-lose, a Mexican standoff, but the president can be totally victorious in this battle.

      In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins. Ulysses S. Grant

      Stay strong, Mr. President, the American people are with you.

      Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/01/why_democrats_oppose_the_wall_trump_will_actually_build_it.html#ixzz5cahR9Uly
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • So democrats spend billions killing babies but refuse to give a dollar to protect those who survive the illegal criminals coming into this country? Hard to believe so many Americans have become west coast liberals. Democrats have a belief system that tells Americans to work hard, pay tax and then shut up about how they give it away to illegals. So glad we have Trump in office, he’s the first real American to hold that position since Ike and Truman. Why do democrats hate this country so much? The democrats should be spending billions to get our own people out of poverty but instead squander it on encouraging criminals to come to this country by offering free medical and education. African Americans should be asking powerful but simple questions, when do we get ours, when does our time come? The answer is never as long as you keep voting for democrats.

      • b.s.! b.s.! B.S. !!
        who is the soak the taxpayer spend liberal now newspeak?
        you aint no republican, stop pretending your something you aint
        republicans dont pile crap into the budget like this crap
        they said mexico would pay for this from day one dont be another liar
        whos the dem today sir
        you. thats who

  2. a lot of lying goin on in here today

    joebiden is trying to convince us taxpayers to pay for the a wall he promised mexico was gonna pay for like hundreds of times. the gall of this guy.

  3. The 2017 DMD purchase of two lots located behind Gelhausen Paint on West Iowa street for the grand total of $63,0000 that now cost over $100,000 to pave for parking a church bus (ACLU Alert!), is almost as dumb as the City paying $450,000 in 2018 for the empty “park” at 404 Main Street, that last sold for $104,000.


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