We hope that today’s “Readers Forum” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?


The revelation that Evansville City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr., CPA hasn’t paid $369,000 in Victory Theater bills for 2017 has really got the attention of many people?  …It will be interesting to learn just how many other actions of financial trickery are being pulled by the City of Evansville to conceal other losses and shift financial burdens?


Todays“Readers Poll” question Is:  Do you feel that Evansville is headed in the right direction?

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  1. “A Pew finding about Trump supporters upends stereotypes: Just 31 percent are white men without college degrees, while 66 percent are college graduates, women or nonwhites.”…

    “Already Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first pick, is enormously popular with those who believe a justice’s job is to make sure laws pass constitutional muster, not legislate from the bench. A second pick in the Gorsuch mold would secure a majority on the court for curbing government’s appetite for more domestic power, perhaps for decades.

    And that could do something extraordinary for Trump’s legacy. All else being stable, putting the Supreme Court on an enduring constitutional footing would make his presidency one of the most consequential of any age.”


  2. Still waiting to see this reported in the liberal main stream media that always downplays the brutality of Islam:
    “Muslim terrorists from the Fulani herdsmen group in Nigeria used machetes and firearms to massacre more than 200 people in a predominantly Christian region over a two day period in June, a testament to the group’s growing lethality that has far surpassed Boko Haram’s….

    Breitbart News spoke to various analysts and experts who believe the Fulani are deserving of a sinister label beyond just “herdsmen.” The group carried out massacres across nearly a dozen villages in Nigeria’s Christian-majority Plateau state over the weekend of June 23-24, killing over 200. The estimated number of farmers who have been killed by Fulani terrorists so far this year varies between 1,750 and 6,000, including women and children.

    The experts and analysts who spoke to Breitbart News agree that the Fulani are jihadis.

    Dede Laugesen with Save the Persecuted Christians, a national coalition of Christian and Jewish faith leaders working to raise grassroots awareness in America about the mistreatment of Christ followers, noted, “Somehow the Fulani have gone from being recognized as the fourth most deadly terrorist group in 2015 to being simple ‘herdsmen.’ Why are ‘herdsmen’ armed with AK47s and who is arming them?”…

    Faith McDonnell, a Christian persecution expert at the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), told Breitbart News via email, “Before there was Boko Haram, there was the Fulani. Massive slaughters of Christians were taking place … [for decades] by Fulani (and other Islamists in Nigeria) before Boko Haram evolved and appeared on the scene.”


  3. Trump is bringing the goals of the democrat party to the surface. Trump has upset the democrats so much that they are unable to keep their hidden agenda, hidden. Has the democrat party become to Catholics what the Nazi party was to the Jews? Getting scary out there.

    • Newspeak, very astute point about Catholics. Most Catholics used to be Democrats. Now, the national Democrats have open hostility to the Catholic “dogma”.

    • The next week may be the death of the Democrat Party. If their current radical leaders come out and say that there is no place on the Supreme Court for a Catholic they can kiss those 70 million votes good bye. They have already lost the evangelicals.

      • You wish! Davis thumbed his nose at the party that got him there. Shame on him. So ghost, hate all you want, the Dems are about to drain the swamp.

    • CCO , I find Newspeaks reference that Dems may have become the Catholics “Nazi’s “, deplorable, and ask the post be stricken. Nice cover up making it a question versus a statement. Doesnt change the reference. But is it true that, “Is It True” uses the same tact. “Asking” if its true veresus saying its true. Nice legal side step.

      • If President Trump had a dollar for every Nazi reference that some rabid malcontent has tossed his way he could fund his 2020 campaign in full. While I share your opinion that Dems are not Nazis to Catholics, deeming them unworthy to serve over practicing their religion ranks up there with things the Nazis did to Jews, Gypsies, etc. Let both hope that the references and the persecution coming from both sides ceases. There is a fine line between free speech and hate speech. Encouraging harassment is most certainly hate speech but Waters is not exactly being held accountable.

        • Im not challenging the Repubs or Dems using Nazi referneces, IM talking about a CCO reader posting it here and CCO allowing it. They must like it. If the Courier was a Lib rag then CCO is a Repug rag. Im saying it again

  4. Perhaps history is repeating concerning the Dem Party. When Reagan was elected, the Dems went of the rails and nominated Mondale a lefty candidate then 4 yrs later comes Dukockis even farther left. It wasn’t until Clinton who was 10 yards left of the 50 yard line that the dem’s boat righted itself. The same happened to Britain’s Labor Party until Tiny Blair showed up. It is going to take multiple election cycles for the Dem to lose before they figure it out!!!!

    • How many votes would national dem leaders like Bernie, Pelosi and Warren get in a mayoral election in middle America. I don’t think they could even be elected to city council. That young lady Cortez from NYC is a lunatic.

      • Trump never won a City Council seat either- he’s never held an office. At least the aforementioned have paid their dues – the deplorables made an unvetted candidate POTUS and leader of the free world. Dear Lord I pray we survive it or impeach his a–. Of course then we get Pence- OMG!

    • Dance- the mid term looks dim for the Repubs and you know it. They will have thousands of hearings and impeach Trump. Yummy cant wait.

  5. An illegal alien who was released by a sanctuary city has received a small $280 fine after causing a car crash that left two law enforcement officers dead.

    Roberto Garza Palacios, a 28-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala, was given a slap on the wrist after he caused a car crash in December 2017 that immediately killed 33-year-old Sander Cohen, the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office deputy chief, and later left FBI agent Carlos Wolff, 36-years-old, dead at a nearby hospital.


  6. “Ivanka Trump’s Chinese-made products spared from tariffs”

    “While Trump rails at Harley-Davidson motorcycles for moving some production to Europe to dodge EU tariffs, the first daughter and senior White House adviser has never manufactured a single product for her Ivanka Trump brand on American soil.”



  7. Here is some great news that won’t be reported in the leftwing main stream media because it shows what the US military can do after President Trump let them do their job, now free of micro-management by the former Community Organizer-in-Chief:
    ISIS ‘capital’ captured in Afghanistan, over 160 fighters killed by US, Afghan troops


  8. glad to see my bro regTATOR is back…… my reliable sources tell me regTATOR was the protester that climbed the Statue of Liberty the 4th…………….my reliable source tell me ol regTATOR had a hillary 2020 hat on while carrying a stormy daniels bobble head doll…………

  9. Well dog gone shar pie;


    Your “reliable source” must be a goofy Newspeak type. I went South, not North for awhile and even though I got a little sun, I didn’t turn orange like King Daddy Golden Nuts and I DAMN SURE didn’t get enough sun to be mistaken for the Statue climber.

    But I did check this out while I was gone;


    How about you?….


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