“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 25, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that Ben Shoulders, Mike Goebel, Paul Green, Ryan Hatfield, Steve Lockyear, Chuck Whobrey, Kathryn Martin, Bill Pedtke, Dave Wedding, Eric Williams, Rose Young and Jack McNeely are hosting a massive political fundraising event at KC”c Marina Pointe this coming Wednesday beginning at 5:30 P. M?  …it looks like Vanderburgh County Commission candidate Jeff Hatfield has brought out the “Movers and Shakers” in local politics to support his candidacy?  …we are told that as of last week Mr. Hatfield has raised over $100,000 for his political war chest since he announced?

IS IT TRUE that the Mayor and the First Lady are hosting a political fundraiser for Mike Duckworth this week at the home of John David Engelbrecht?  …are told that the Mayor and the First Lady have pledged to raise $30,000 towards Mike Duckworth’s County Commissioner campaign?  …we have no idea what Mr. Duckworth has raised so far in his campaign but we will be glad to post that figure when we receive it?

IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County GOP Caucus that was tentatively scheduled for today has been canceled by Chairmen Wayne Parkes?  …we’re told that Mr. Parke couldn’t find anyone to take on District 77 State Representative Ryan Hatfield and Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding?  …that Mr. Parke will personally appoint candidates too vacant positions?…we are also told that Mr. Parke will be focusing on appointing candidates to run for Township Boards and Trustee offices?

IS IT TRUE we been told that the proposed $28 million dollars “Aquatic Center”  will be built at Garvin Park just right across from historic Bosse Field on the current site of Garvin Park swimming pool and tennis courts?  …by building the new “Aquatic Center” at the Garvin Park location the city can use the North Main Street “TIF” money to build it?  …this the same funding source that the Mayor used to re-do the $16 million dollars North Main Street project?

IS IT TRUE that the cost of complacency is about to come crashing down on the customers of the City of Evansville Water and Sewer Utility?…long needed replacements of old cast iron water pipes is finally underway and the cost of the project is staggering?…the latest estimate for replacing just 1.5% of the pipes that need replacing will increase the price of the average water bill in Evansville’s service area by $412 per year per customer?…that works out to just under $40 per month to replace just 1.5% of the pipes?…that if we could just do that 66 more times all the pipes would be replaced and we may be good for another century?

IS IT TRUE if you multiply that $412 per year by 66 the result is $27,720 or an increase in water bill of $2,310 per month?…if we were going to bring our infrastructure up to date in the next three years and if the cost for each foot of pipe replaced is the same then come the summer of 2022 the average water bill in the service area will be about $2,400 per month or $28,800 per year excluding taxes?…this is almost the entire earnings for the average Evansville household?…this doesn’t even include the BILLION DOLLAR SEWER REPAIR that is mandated by the EPA because a half-century of Evansville Mayors was content to spew raw sewage into the streets and the Ohio River?…it is entirely feasible to conclude that with the needed repairs to the water pipes, sewers, roads, sidewalks, plus the highest electricity in the state hat your average household in Evansville will not have a red cent available to live in the future?

IS IT TRUE this situation may well impoverish the region so badly that digital infrastructure like Gbps internet service and 5G communications will never be implemented because the market can’t support the cost?…the responsibility for this lies firmly with the leadership of the City of Evansville during at least the last 60 years if not further? …time and time again, Evansville, has squandered taxpayer dollars on fun and games  and political “pork barrel” projects while neglecting basic infrastructure?….the game that our litany of Mayors has played has Evansville in a position of overextended finances with no high-value workforce to pay for the cost to bring the place into the modern world?

IS IT TRUE that by 2021 when these few miles of water pipes are replaced, the water rates will have increased by 118% in only 5 years?…the new pipes alone are causing a 48% increase in the next 3 years?…if you like that just bend over and prepare for this to happen 66 more times with just the water pipe replacement program?…while the CCO is supportive of and an advocate for these updates, we are very concerned that the people who live in Evansville will be run out of town by the costs associated with doing them?


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  1. A new low for the wacked out left:

    Trump officials hounded and harassed as protester tactics take a turn…

    Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California over the weekend sought to bring the ‘resistance’ to a new level when she urged supporters to swarm Cabinet members at gas stations and anywhere else they’re seen.

    “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Waters said.


  2. Will the new noise ordinance shut down the Shelter fundraiser when the complaints flood in from the Harbor Pointe residents?

    • Was the real reason for the new noise ordinance to prevent Mesker Amphitheater from ever being reopened as competition to the Ford Center??

  3. Some older residents cant move. My bill has went up $32 dollars more a month for the same usage. That is $384 more a year and that is if they do not have any more increases in the next twelve months.

  4. I foresee many eastside Evansville residents disconnecting from the EWSU water supply system and reusing their well systems. Yep, many of the homes on the east side of Evansville were built with wells because city water hadn’t been extended to that part of town when they were constructed in the 50’s.
    Same is true regarding sanitary sewer connections. Many east side homes still have a septic tank buried in the backyard as sewer lines hadn’t been extended either. (Most likely though those septic tanks and field beds have been disconnrcted once sanitary sewers were extended to those areas.)

  5. I noticed that former Mayor Weinzapfel’s name has been removed from the list of sponsors for Mr. Hatfield, per the mandate of Ivy Tech. I also note that he is no longer pimping for IBEW Local 16 on the radio commercials touting same.

    • HotMana

      We are hearing that Mr. Weinzapfel bosses have demanded that he stop getting involved in State, Local our National politics or he could lose his job at Ivy Tech.

      We have been told by reliable sources that former Mayor Weinzapfel future political activities are been closing monitored by the State Republican hierarchy in Indy.

      Thanks for reading the CCO.


    • Getting Weinzapfel out of politics was my last gift to Evansville. Like an old toothless dog that has been neutered Weiny the Weasel keeps on hanging around the political campfire hoping for another shot at the Governor’s mansion or even the White House. Delusion in an old dog is pitiful. He better keep his job. There aren’t many jobs that pay that well for smiling and shaking hands.

    • HotMana, Weinzapel is a prime example of arrogance eventually leading to humiliation. He needs to lay low for about 10 years until most of us old timers are gone or suffering from the ALZ and then try a political comeback. He did take the fall for the homestead exemption fiasco for Winnecke and Marsha. He did set things in action that more or less set the agenda for Winnecke, like tearing down the Executive Inn.

  6. I am getting rid of the house and city water and sewer. Moving to a more consumer friendly county. Quite simply, not willing to be robbed by utilities any longer. Not the peoples fault. Fault lies entirely with the city of Evansville for neglect of infrastructure.

  7. Now lets not act so surprised that the water treatment and water and sewer are being repaired. Only someone new to Evv is allowed that kind of ignorance. The Feds said fix it – now! I give Winnecke credit – he is addressing it. The bill for it is been a long time coming and no secret. Before some of you leave the city,better do your due dilegence of your new home. Police amd fire protection- infrastructure, etc. if up to me Id have toll booth at the city limits – so many use Evv resources and dont have to pay for the priviledge.

    • I’ll give Winnecke credit for finally getting it done, he’s getting it done after he got those nice to have things done, then he started to get all of those really need to get stuff started. I voted for Winnecke and will vote for him again but I always viewed him as left center and somewhat elitist. He thinks he’s slick, we have his number but democrats are really at the bottom of the barrel on talent.

  8. It would seem that no amount of money could get a democrat elected in this area. That is the party that’s anti 2 nd amendment, wants to limit the 1st amendment to liberal use only, wants open borders, considers the invasion by illegals as part of human rights, feels it’s OK to harass anyone who disagrees with them, feels we need more sanctuary cities and thinks it’s fine to take care of illegals before our own homeless are cared for. I know some think or say a hoosier democrats is different than a California democrat but that’s like saying a California klan member is different than a hoosier klan member. They’re all the same. Don’t let them fool you with Bloomberg money, when Mike gives you the money, he owns you.


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