(Vanderburgh County Democratic Party News Release as of June 7, 2018)

I’m Stan Levco and I am running for Prosecutor of Vanderburgh County.

I’ve chosen to make my announcement in this courtroom to emphasize the difference between me and Mr. Hermann in the courtroom.

Mr. Hermann took office 7 1⁄2 years ago after having been found to be ineffective in trial by the Indiana Court of Appeals. I don’t know of any other attorney in Vanderburgh County, who has had a case reversed because of his incompetence in the courtroom.

His record and his office’s record has confirmed the Court of Appeals finding of ineffectiveness.

Since 2016, his office has tried 92 jury trials. The jury returned not guilty verdicts in41 of those cases. That’s 45%, not guilties and that doesn’t count 12 other verdicts where the defendant was found guilty of a lesser charge, such as the Aleah Beckerle case.

That’s unacceptable. Vanderburgh County deserves better than that. I can do and I have done much better than that.

The murder rate in Vanderburgh County has increased dramatically the past few years. Last year in 2017 it was the highest number of murders ever. This year may break that record.

And if you can’t convict someone charged with murder and that person goes out and murder other people, that directly affects the murder rate.

During my time as Vanderburgh County Prosecutor, I tried over 20 murder cases. In every one, the Defendant was convicted of murder, as charged.

Vanderburgh County needs a Prosecutor who knows how to get convictions and knows how to direct a staff who can be successful in the courtroom.

One thing I believe Mr. Hermann has done well is to promote himself. He’s buried ineffectiveness of his office in commercials, publicity efforts, and We Tip promotions. It doesn’t matter how many tips he gets if he can’t convict.

But the primary job of Prosecutor should be for him and his staff to effectively prosecute criminals and as Prosecuting Attorney, I will devote my efforts to an effective prosecution, not self-promotion.

In the next 5 months, I will be contrasting the difference between me and
Mr. Hermann and I believe after the voters have examined our records, they will decide it’s time to restore competence to the Prosecutor’s Office.

FOOTNOTE: This news release was posted by the City-County Observer without opinion, bias or editing.


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