“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 1, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE it been alleged that a member of of the Union County Hospital Advisory Board asked the Henderson Community Methodist Hospital administration for a line-item documentation regarding an alledged $20-$23 million dollar cash advancement/loan given to Henderson County Methodist Hospital by Union County Hospital?  … it’s been alleged that as of today that the member of the Union County Hospital Advisory Board hasn’t received an answer to his request?

IS IT TRUE that it was just announced that another 72 stores owned and operated by the Sears and Roebucks Company will be closing?…it has only been weeks since the Washington Square Sears on Evansville’s eastside was closed in the last round of bloodletting?…for the first quarter of 2018 it was reported by Sears that sales of merchandise is down 34% and sales of services were down 31%?…Sears stock is selling for $2.85 per share yet the company lost $3.93 per share in the last three months?…this means that Sears lost more money in 3 months than they are worth in the market?…Sears in many ways was the first big chain department store to expand nationally and was the beginning of the end for downtowns across the country?…Walmart came along and put a harpoon in the Sears business model and today Amazon is doing the same thing to every retail merchant in sight?…there are those who call Sears, “the Amazon of the 20th Century” and they are accurate?…Sears created a new business model that had broad appeal and obliterated their competition and now they are being obliterated for failing to respond to the digital age of shopping?

IS IT TRUE that Courier and Press writer Jon Webb has come out swinging at five decades of leaders of the City of Evansville for failing to address the raw sewage issues before they became a government mandate that will ultimately pick the taxpayer’s pockets for a billion dollars?…Webb is of course correct and the City County Observer has been writing about this negligence for 9 years now?…Webb also attacked the attack upon that First Amendment to the United States Constitution that has been raging across America for roughly ten years?…he very accurately pointed out that attacking the First Amendment in ways that certain factions agree with is seen as progress but that there is massive inconsistency that is corrupted by the stench of politics?…it is a sad state of affairs when we can’t set our tribalism aside and support the only thing that has held our country together for over 200 years and that is the Constitution of the United States of America and all of its amendments?

IS IT TRUE that more storms and rains are coming to the Tri-State so Jon Webb, the CCO and anyone with an IQ of over 60 knows this is going to mean raw sewer slime in the streets and the Ohio River?…the trouble is nothing of substance is being done with the exception of the Bee Slough improvements which are 50 years overdue?

IS IT TRUE that it has long been known that Vanderburgh County is the suicide capital of the United States?…it has furthermore been known that it is also the Napa Valley of meth and recently a hotbed of heroin abuse?…it was revealed by Brad Byrd recently that Vanderburgh County is also among a group of counties with a disproportionally high level of infant mortality?…this is all saddening but priorities have always been on fun and games projects and tourism that isn’t going to happen given the other things that are going on?

…We wonder what is the status of the million dollar plus water and sewer bills that the the owners of the McCurdy still owes the city?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Are you surprised that Methodist Hospital called off the public meeting scheduled for Thursday at 5:00 PM on the campus of Methodist Hospital?

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  1. How would a drop-in-the-bucket hospital like Union County Hospital come up with $20 – $23 million cash to loan to Henderson Community Hospital? Is the medical community that flush with cash? If that were true I’d be questioning rates and billings that Union County Hospital is charging. There is no reason for a “charitable” organization to have that much cash just lying around.

    • Some non profits have endowments that were accumulated from donors who specified that the base gift cannot be touched for operating expenses. I find it impossible to believe that the UC Hospital built that much in reserves from profits. Hospitals are not very profitable these days. One of our local hospitals in Palm Springs has an endowment in the hundreds of millions of dollars from selling the facility and leasing it back. There are more ways to make money than providing direct services.


      We were given these figures by 3 different sources that we considered very reliable.

      You would be amazed hear how much Deaconess Hospital have in their surplus account.

      Thanks for reading the City County Observer and giving us your input.


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