IS IT TRUE MAY 29, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE ” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that last week the Board Of Directors of the Henderson Community Methodist Hospital gave into pressure from the general public not to discuss or vote on the pending merger or buyout deal between Deaconess Healthcare System-Evansville and the Henderson Community Methodist Hospital in a closed-door meeting? …we can’t wait to hear the proposed merger or buyout plans presented by the Henderson Community Methodist Hospital CEO at the public meeting scheduled to be held this Thursday at 5:00 PM on the campus of Methodist Hospital?…we expect that the officials of Methodist Hospital will try to convince those that attend this meeting that this proposed takeover will be the best thing since apple pie?

IS IT TRUE it also wouldn’t surprise us that the public meeting scheduled for Thursday at 5:00 PM on the campus of Methodist Hospital will be canceled at the last minute by officials of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital?

IS IT TRUE this Thursday at 5:00 on the campus of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital employees and concern citizens will meet with officials to hear a well-turned presentation concerning the proposed takeover of Methodist Hospital-Henderson by Deaconness-Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that the Mission Statement of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital is: “in keeping with its Christian heritage, exists to provide a broad-based healthcare delivery system. In partnership with our medical staff, the focus will be on safe, compassionate, high-quality and cost-effective services that address mental, spiritual and physical needs, and work to improve the health status of the people in the communities served”? …that the Vision of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital states; “in partnership with others, will pursue a plan to continue to build and position the hospital as a comprehensive healthcare delivery system to meet the healthcare needs and expectations of the people in the communities served”?

IS IT TRUE that it’s been alleged that Henderson Community Methodist Hospital owns Union County Hospital?  …it’s been alleged that the Union County Hospital is very profitable and Henderson Community Methodist Hospital has lost many millions of dollars over the last several years? …it’s been rumored that Union County Hospital may have either given or loaned Henderson Community Methodist Hospital many millions of dollars over the last 15 months so that they can pay past and current bills?  …it’s been alleged that members of the Union County Hospital Advisory board may not have any idea that this financial arrangement between the above hospitals ever happened?

IS IT TRUE if Deaconess Healthcare System-Evansville takes over full control of the Henderson Community Methodist Hospital does that mean Union County Hospital shall automatically become a part of Deaconess Healthcare-Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that Board of Directors members of Henderson Community Methodist Hospital for 2017 to 2018 is: Officers- Mr. Dane Shields, Chair, Mayor Steve Austin, Vice Chairman,  Mr. Bill Dibert, Treasurer and Rev. Mike Sweeney, Secretary?  …members of the 2017-2018 Board of Directors is: Mr. Garland Certain, Mrs. Melissa Clements, Mr. James M. Crafton, Jr., Bishop Leonard Fairly,  Dr. James M. Fellows,  Rev. Mark A. Gibbons,  Mrs. Susie Givens, Mr. Mike D. Hazelwood, Dr. Vernon H. Humbert, Jr., Mr. James A. Kemp III, Rev. David E. Latham,  Mrs. Shanna Lee,  Mr. Ray Nix,  Mrs. Libby Payne, Mr. James E. Phillips,  Mr. William R. Roberts, Jr.,  Mr. Lin Shannon, Mr. Frank Tulipana,  Mr. Jim Vincent, Dr. Ann White, Dr. Kris Williams ]r, Mr. Laffoon C. Williams and Pastor James C. Wofford?

Is It True that Advisory Board members of the Methodist Hospital of Union County for 2017-2018 are: Officers-Mike Floyd, Chairman, Vice-Chairman position is vacant,   Secretary position is vacant? …that the members of the Advisory Board are: Matthew Arnett, Dr.Kate Baker, Shannon Clements, Zelinda Fellows, Jerry Manning, David Mattingly and Kenneth McGehee?

IS IT TRUE that its official? …last Saturday Jeff Hatfield was approved as the official nominee for the Vanderburgh County Commission?  ….we were told that those attending the Democratic party political caucus were extremely excited to have Jeff Hatfield as their standard bearer for County Commission in the upcoming General election? …we expect that the race for the Vanderburgh County Commission will be the most competitive and expensive in recent memory?

IS IT TRUE that the State Legislative “Audit Summer Committee” will be reviewing and
monitoring the independence, objectivity, the effectiveness of the examination process, taking into consideration relevant professional and regulatory requirements of the State Board of Accounts?  …if this committee wants to save time and money all they have to do is to talk with former Evansville City County President and Finance Chairman John Friend, CPA and he would be glad tell them about how inept the Indiana SBA really is?

IS IT TRUE we have been told that several members of the local Democratic party will be demanding that the current Evansville City Council attorney Josh Clayborne (R) from Warrick County be replaced with a Democrat who lives in the City of Evansville proper?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Are you surprised that Methodist Hospital called off the public meeting scheduled for Thursday at 5:00 PM on the campus of Methodist Hospital?

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  1. It IS true that the paychecks of the hospitalists have been from Union Co. Methodist for at least the last year. Why? They are not working at Union County!


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