IS IT TRUE MAY 14, 2018


We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE we are extremely appreciative and proud of the way that members of our local law enforcement conducted themselves during a violent shooting standoff on Diamond Avenue last week? …the members of our local law enforcement did a creditable job in protecting the innocent bystanders and neighbors in harm’s way?   …we give five (5) cheers to the outstanding members of the SWAT team who ran down the alleged shooter hiding in an alley and captured this criminal from the darkness?

IS IT TRUE that the State of Indiana has ruled that people who go to the polls can’t wear a Make America Great Again hat within a safe distance of the polling place?…that is sort of odd since President Trump is not on the ballot?…maybe this law is to prevent sending other voters to the nut house due to a raging attack on Trump Derangement Syndrome?

IS IT TRUE that Congressman Larry Bucshon trounced the field in the Republican primary to run for his re-election to Congress? …Bucshon didn’t rise to debate any challengers and still administered a colossal beating on the rest of the field?…when it comes to the November elections Bucshon seems poised to have an easy path back to Washington as he has more money, a great economy, and a financially challenged local Democrat machine to defeat?… it looks like Indiana’s 8th district may not be in play this year and most people know it?

IS IT TRUE that the tall building commonly known as the 5th 3rd Tower has a new owner?…the new owners are the shareholders of a business that calls itself Riverview that is reportedly owned by a group of three local investors?…while we wish this endeavor well it must be pointed out that investments in big old buildings in downtown Evansville have not been a big moneymaker in many decades?…the 420 Building that formerly was the world headquarters of Old National Bank has been on the market for close to 20 years without attracting a buyer that could close the deal?  …there have been several attempts with good intentions but the reality of the market is that it costs more to bring these dinosaurs up to state of the art than they appraise for and this makes financing the deals impossible?…other buildings have sold for less than $10 per square foot or even brought no bids at auction?…after what must be approaching a billion dollars of incentivized investment in downtown Evansville, the buildings may not worth the cost to refurbish them?…with 5th 3rd as a long term tenant the new owners may well cash flow but getting other tenants at rates that are high enough to really prosper will be tougher?

IS IT TRUE that a perfect example of a downtown real estate deal gone mad is the McCurdy Hotel?…between $600,000 parking lot deals, with alleged crony contributions of nearly a million buck in incentives from the Evansville ERC and DMD over many years , the McCurdy still may be on its last breath?…the culprit that may have killed the McCurdy business model in recent history is the City of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE City Attorney Marco DiLucio has let it be known that he has put the city into a legal position to collect $1.5 Million for a year’s worth of water bills run up by the owners of the McCurdy?…at this rate for water and sewer bills there is no business model for the McCurdy that has market rents that will generate profits?…it is also true that Counselor Marco cannot get blood from a turnip and he has to know that?…imposing such a bill on the owners negates the entire value of the building and will eventually lead the McCurdy back into ruin as it was for eight years after Weinzapfel’s deal with an Indianapolis based campaign donor came unravelled?…there is plenty of egg on plenty of faces over the McCurdy farce?

IS IT TRUE that in a brilliant but less than a friendly campaign back in 2003, a youthful Jonathan Weinzapfel defeated incumbent Russell Lloyd Jr. with a misleading but slightly amusing campaign ad with a court jester running the bases of a baseball diamond to the tune of “take me out to the ball game”?…this was of course a way to denigrate Mayor Lloyd for wanting to build a baseball diamond in downtown Evansville that already had an AAA team set to come to town?…the stadium would have costed $20 million and lost Lloyd the election?…four years later Weinzapfel squandered $127.5 million on a hockey rink that still bleeds $9 million per year away from Evansville taxpayers?

IS IT TRUE we recently met an extremely interesting 18-year-old Senior at North High working in the Steve Hammer For the Vanderburgh County Commission campaign? …that Aulden Nance was extremely impressive in his attempt to get Mr. Hammer elected to this position? ..we encourage this North High School Senior to continue to support political candidates that he feels worthy of serving our community in public office?  …we encourage other young people to follow Mr. Nance lead?

IS IT TRUE we appreciate the excellent work that the Evansville Otters Media Relations Manager Zane Clodfelter is doing? …Mr. Clodfelter sends us detailed and well-written articles concerning the game stats of each Otters game in a timely manner?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that recently announced Democratic Vanderburgh County Commission candidate Jeff Hatfield can beat Republican Mike Duckworth?

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  1. …there have been several attempts with good intentions but the reality of the market is that it costs more to bring these dinosaurs up to state of the art than they appraise for and this makes financing the deals impossible?… Thank You. This distills the problem that homeowners have had downtown for several decades. I have kept my home downtown up for forty years. This has cost me twice what its appraised value is today. If I want a improvement or upgrade I have to pay for it out of pocket. Most people can not imagine owning a home and not being able to get a home improvement loan. But that was the case I discovered the first time I approached a bank to replace the heating system a few years after I bought the place. So I rebuilt the boiler and started saving for a new system. Anyway this is a chronic problem for the whole area for a long time but no solutions. It has amazed me how long it has remained on life support.

    • Everything Trump does that works or gets praise just eats her up inside. The corrosive effects of a lifetime of hate are written all over her face.

  2. Trump working to undo the complete nonsense of Obama:

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ deputies are ending President Barack Obama’s last-minute decision to impose the transgender ideology in federal prisons.

    Obama’s January 2017 transgender policy directed prison officials to allow men to move into women’s prisons if the men claim a female “gender identity.””


    • Al Dull-Not-Sharp
      America is not being blessed due to Drumpf, it is being damned due to his machinations, and everything Drumpf does is being supported by hypocrites and those worshipping at the feet of a failure and false god, all in the name of those who applaud him as he abandons any sort of support of the teachings of God by evangelicals who have abandoned what Jesus taught

      The move of the embassy in Isreal is only for politics and will destabilize the Middle East and result in much bloodshed because of the baby-level White House antics and the ignorance of Bolton

      Drumpf is not a “real American man” in any fashion, he is a failure, a failure who is blinded by his hate of the wonderful diplomacy of President Obama, making Drumpf the biggest hypocrite in history

      The Drumpf family are leeches who only care for the money they can steal, and they care nothing for the American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

      Today is not a great day, just another example of the increasingly speedy slide into darkness as Drumpf takes advantage of America and moves our country into a lower position of importance on the world stage because of his lies and deceit

      Your frequency of falsehoods sicken those who truly know that American greatness is being destroyed by a false prophet who fits the numerous descriptions of the anti-Christ

    • Drumpf has placed Israel in immediate danger by sucking up Netanyahu by leaving the Iran deal, which means a full-on Israel-Iran war in Syria now becomes far more likely

      Netanyahu has lied to Drumpf and the world by ignoring an overlooked aspect of the Iran deal’s dynamics which has prevented a full-on Israeli-Iranian war in Syria.

      Drump and his team lack the foreign policy skills (they are dumb as a bag of hammers in the current White House) because the largest and most imminent threat to Israeli security is not a nuclear Iran, but Iranian activity in Syria.

      The Iranian government has been crystal clear that it wants the Iran deal to remain in place, and the multi-national agreement has allowed Iran to prove peaceful progress to the world in the face of the diplomatic isolation from moron war hawks with Drump (mainly Bolton)

      Iran has been upfront and committed to the non-nuclear requirements, provisions that have allowed international inspections, and there has been NO evidence that it has violated the core provisions that prevent it from pursuing a nuclear weapons program

      But thanks to Drumpf and Bolton, this White House is using the Iran deal to misdirect America from the scandals of Drumpf and the meddling of Russia in the 2016 election (and with upcoming elections) so that our citizens will ignore the “high crimes and misdemeanour’s” that will see Drumpf and his cronies punished. It is repulsive that an American President is applauding the upset of the Middle East peace balance by provoking Iran to defend itself from Isreal

      Thanks to Drumpf being played by Netanyahu lavishing praise on him (and we all know Drumpf needs praise since he is a failure at pretty much everything), Israel has been lying to try and making a case that the Iran deal is bad for its security on the nuclear front. But there is a risk that if the Iran deal collapses entirely, it will create a more immediate and proximate threat for Israel to deal with.

      The Iran deal has been very successful in keeping Iran from justifiably responding to repeated Israeli strikes on its interests in Syria.

      Trump has (as expected) smiled and took the lavish BS from Netanyahu’s to walk away from the lies of Netanyahu that the Iran treaty made Israel more vulnerable. But Drumpf just created a new vulnerability for Israel by removing a key restraint on Iran’s conventional forces.

      Netanyahu’s BS now will cause negative outcomes because America is showing the world that a negotiated treaty is worthless because America can no longer be trusted to honor our word. Drump’s exit may have escalated a far more immediate impact on Israel’s security, conventional conflict with Iran in Syria.

      But as long as Drumpf gets to have Netanyahu pat him on the head like a dog by saying “what a good boy you are” he is fat and happy, and all the while the powder keg in the Middle East descends further into bloodshed.

  4. Wow MICKTARD missed his Prozac today. What an embarrassment his ramblings are. How about a delete button.


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