We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?

IS IT TRUE that the 2018 Gallup Annual Community Well-Being Rankings are out and greater Evansville is continuing to rise in the rankings after being named the worst place in the country 5 years ago?…this rise in rankings from dead last at #186 to #126 is something to be proud of?…for senses of purpose Evansville ranks a very high #48 and on financial performance the ranking is #43?…those are the high points and are what caused Evsnsville to, rise in the rankings?…in social opportunities River City still flounders down at #163, the community ranks at #151, and physical condition stays low at #139 reflecting the smoking, boozing, and couch potato nature of the population?…all things considered, things are getting better on the relative scale of ranking the well being of America’s cities?

IS IT TRUE that Indiana’s other cities are falling behind with South Bend ranking at #181/186, Fort Wayne at #153/186, and even that vaulted city of Indianapolis below Evansville at ##133/186?…Evansville even outranked the home of the Big Blue Nation, Lexington, KY that came in at #129/186?…the highest ranking local community in Clarksville, TN that checks in at #40/186 but was held down by a very low social ranking?…the best well being in America in Naples, Florida that serves as home to a large number of retired people from greater Evansville?
IS IT TRUE that no one would have guessed back when a small branch college was opened on Evansville’s west side called ISUE, that the day would ever come that working there would become a gateway to wealth?…that 7 out of the top 10 highly paid individuals on public payrolls are administrators and deans at the University of Southern Indiana?…even more shocking is that the list of 111 public employees being paid over $100,000 is full of USI administrators and staff?…that 29 of the top 50 are working for USI?…it may really take such big paychecks to attract college level talent but the real question is how are the students who spend their tuition dollars at USI doing?…the graduation rate at USI has been abysmal for years and while some graduates are finding local success, its alledged that some who graduated with high GPAs are waiting tables and struggling to pay off student loans?…paying teachers we’ll is a great thing if their efforts are truly raising the value of the local workforce and positively impacting young lives?…the performance of USI needs to be scrutinized quite closely to see if these big salaries are worth it?
IS IT TRUE a salary of note is the $214,516 (2017 figure) that former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel is paid to preside over the local community college called IVY Tech?…with a payday like that right in Evansville, it makes one wonder how the former Mayor could possibly have considered a run for Congress that pays much less?…IVY Tech’s graduation and educational attainment numbers are nothing to be proud of either?…the City-County Observer wonders how many positive changes that the well paid Weinzapfel has made towards the graduation and educational attainment numbers since he became Chancellor of Ivy Tech?
IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced that he plans to seek a third term as your mayor in the 2019 election?…that is well over a year away but it does give Winnecke a long time to raise money to fend off any challengers who decide to toss their hat into the ring?…in his two campaigns for mayor, Winnecke has proven to be able to raise over a million dollars for an office that only pays around $100,000 per year?…with the apparent popularity that Winnecke enjoys and over a million bucks in his war chest, it will be one formidable task to defeat Winnecke in a general election?
IS IT TRUE that the 500-pound gorilla concerning the future Evansville Mayoral race could be none other than Vanderburgh County Commissioner Ben Shoulders or Vanderburgh County Councilmen Mike Goebel?  …both gentlemen are well educated, personable, well spoken, popular with the voters and are extremely entrenched in Vanderburgh County politics?  …both individuals have the whereabouts to launch a formable campaign for Mayor of Evansville?
IS IT TRUE we are still waiting for the Evansville Metropolitan Development Director Kelley Coures to give City Council an update concerning what it will cost the taxpayers to correct the design mistake on the North Main street project?  …we also hope he will tell City Council members who are responsible to pay to correct this expensive problem?
IS IT TRUE last year we reported that officials at Henderson Methodist Hospital and Deaconess Hospital were discussing issues of economic concerns? …we question if Deaconess Hospital had a strong interest in purchasing Henderson Methodist Hospital in the very near future? …that Henderson Methodist Hospital is the largest employer in Henderson County and has a major economic impact in the region?  …we still wonder if a deal between Henderson Methodist Hospital and Deaconess could be close at hand?
IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased to announce that the 2018 “CCO COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD” luncheon is sold out?  …that the extreme demand to stage this event caused the CCO to double the room size to hold this event? …the CITY-COUNTY OBSERVER “COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD” winners for 2018 are Vanderburgh are Ted C, Ziemer, Jr. and Clare D. Ziemer, the Honorable Posey County Judge Jim Redwine, EPD Police Chief Chief Billy Bolin and Lieutenant Paul Kirby, local attorney and IU Board Of Trustees member Pat Shoulders, and the Honorable Superior Court Judge Les Shively?
IS IT TRUE that this year’s awards luncheon will be held at Tropicana-Evansville Walnut rooms A and B. The registration begins at 11:30 am, the event officially starts at 12 noon on March 19, 2018? …this event is sold out.  If you have any questions about this event please call the Event Coordinator, Karen Selzer at 812-430-9304 or 812-909-2361?
Today’s READERS POLL question is:  If the Republicans primary for Vanderburgh County Commission was held today who would you for?
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  1. Why run for a lower paying job? Power! One thing all DC insiders know is inside the beltway its all about power. Its the one thing JW doesnt have. H saught it and lost. Its been just within reach. House of Rep leads to a Governorship to US Senate, then POTUS…….

    • Yep, Jon Boy got a smell of power but it went to his head and caused him to suffer from a bout of hubris. Between shoving an ice rink down our throats and stealing the homestead tax credit, he will never be elected to anything again in Evansville. That is a pretty nice paycheck for staying out of politics because that is why he got that job.

  2. Ah yes.The vaunted North Main project. Not only should director Coures explain how much it will cost to correct the mistake, he should report how much money actually exists in the Jacobsville TIF to make bond payments.

  3. Is it true the EVSC is today empowering students to “articulate” in favor of the liberal position of always demanding more gun control?? Is it true this will be all over the news and in the left wing Courier and Press?
    “Rather than call it a walkout or a protest, EVSC spokesman Jason Woebkenberg said administrators advised student leadership groups at each high school to take a different approach: a “peaceful way to articulate their thoughts and feelings about how school should be safe and violence in our nation and especially in our schools needs to stop.””

    Where is the EVSC position on having volunteer trained teachers and custodians with access to concealed gun safes in the event of an active shooter??? [cricket’s chirping]

    • God bless them.
      They are ignoring you. They know you’re another insane gun nut.
      The EVSC knows throwing more gun powder, lighter fluid and gasoline on a burning fire is a stupid and insane idea.

      You people are the reason my husband has to face down fire from military assault rifles these days.
      Shame on you.

  4. Schools should be a secured as civic buildings and sports arenas. If not, why not? Securing school access ahould be step one in all school systems. Kids cannot wait for the pols to deal with guns and menatl health.

    • Certainly. All schools and public facilities should have security systems and plans.

      It goes without saying, and is not clear to somebody polishing their gun barrels all day, every day….that excellent education systems are the hallmark of a successful society. This idea of arming teachers? It leads to bad academics, bad test results and students unprepared to get jobs.

      But asking our education system to be burdened by putting guns in all the hallways, in all the classrooms, on all of the Teachers who were trained to teach english, physics, calculus, economics and such and on the hips of the janitorial staff really is insane. It is one of the biggest dumbass ideas of all time.

      “Oh. So you liberals, Democrats and RINO Republicans don’t care about your kids safety if you won’t allow all the kids to wear guns to school, and all of the Teachers to wear guns while standing in front of the chalkboard, and for guns to be strapped across the chests of the cafeteria servers!”
      We get it. A gun idiot actually believes that.

      But…wife of a cop is right.
      Only a gun nut would think that’s a great idea.


    “All that optimism for hot first-quarter economic growth is rapidly fading away.”

    “Back in late January the Atlanta Fed was calling for a 5.4 percent United States economy GDP gain, but on Wednesday it said growth likely will be just 1.9 percent.”

    (Someone, please call Al Sharpie. Is Trump MAGA?)

    The cut comes amid similar reductions from J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, who now respectively see growth at 2 percent and 1.8 percent.

    Wednesday’s disappointing retail sales number was at the root of the latest reductions.

  6. “Oh. So you liberals, Democrats and RINO Republicans don’t care about your kids safety if you won’t allow all the kids to wear guns to school, and all of the Teachers to wear guns while standing in front of the chalkboard, and for guns to be strapped across the chests of the cafeteria servers!”
    “We get it. A gun idiot actually believes that.”
    Right. I get it. Some idiot actually believes someone actually believes that.
    Who said all teachers and all students etc. had to wear guns? Pathetic.

  7. It’s already a violation of numerous laws to possess a firearm within 1000 ft. of school property. Another law will help nothing.
    It’s up to schools to protect children while in their “care”. Demonstrations by students and proclamations by school officials help nothing. It’s past time to get serious.


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