We hope that todays IS IT TRUE will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we as responsible citizens of this community need to address in a rational and responsible way?
IS IT TRUE that Disney paid at least $177 million to settle the “pink slime” defamation suit filed against its ABC News division, according to a footnote in the company’s latest quarterly earnings report?
IS IT TRUE that the hour of finding out who will replace CPA Anna Hargis on the Evansville City Council is approaching and mercifully only two candidates have tossed their hat into the ring?
IS IT TRUE United States Air Force veteran Alan Leibundguth is back again after two defeats at the hands of female Democrats in heavily Democrat districts?…Leibundguth was beaten in his first attempt to be elected to the Evansville City Council by Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley who went on to provide significant value to the taxpayers of Evansville in exposing the nothingness of Earthcare Energy LLC?  …the retired Air Force “Top Gun’ was also hardly defeated by State Representative Gaill Riecken in a lack luster campaign?
IS IT TRUE we wonder what Mr. Leibundguth would have done with the Earthcare Energy LLC debacle as a new council member under pressure from the newly elected Mayor Lloyd Winnecke to approve the nonsensical ruse?…that aside, Mr. Leibundguth is a person of high character who has sought to serve in elections that a Republican has about the same chance of winning as a snowball would have facing the fires of hell?…Leibundguth will be facing a new comer to politics by the name of John Hayden?
IS IT TRUE Mr. Hayden is a financial conservative who work in the tax department for a local Corporation?  ,,,we hear he has good people skills and has good work ethics?   ..we hope that the 3rd Ward Republican leadership chooses someone that will be diligent about keeping the fun and games club from squandering any more taxpayer money on trivial things of no substance?

IS IT TRUE that 8th District Congressman Dr. Larry Bucshon, has a challenge coming from a Terre Haute Democrat who is a lawyer by day but seems to have been trying to break into the entertainment field for some time?…one publication characterizes this just announced candidate as a “film star”?…in reality the lawyer film star’s name is William Tanoos and he has been dabbling in nearly every phase of the movie business from writing to acting and probably singing and dancing because those usually go with acting?…there has been a steady stream of people who play others or people who entertain others who mistake fame for substance?

IS IT TRUE the redneck rocker who named himself Kid Rock is leading in some polls to be the next Senator from Michigan?…Minnesota Senator Al Franken got his political start as a comedian on Saturday Night Live?…Caitlin (formerly Bruce) Jenner is floating a trial balloon to leverage Olympic success as a man and a recent Woman of the Year honor into national politics?

IS IT TRUE with the President of the United States coming to power after a stint as the star of a reality TV show it is no wonder those who play others confuse their fame with suitability to rise to leadership?…we may all be better off with the Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the Roadrunner running the country than filling the congress with people who make their money making others laugh by playing a role in something that does not closely resemble reality?…we caution Congressman Bucshon that the smiling actor is out to challenge him for his seat in congress?

IS IT TRUE the Riverhouse that has sold for over $4 Million and less than $500,000 during the last 10 years is still floundering with being refurbished into something other than a flophouse?…the completion date is now projected to be 2018 but there is no real plan that has been approved to do any work?…the Jackson House as it was once called sits next to the recently opened McCurdy that finally is operable after 9 years in purgatory courtesy of former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel and his downtown dreams?…we wonder if there is any value worth salvaging at the old Riverhouse?…perhaps the most valuable part of the place is the dirt that it sits on?…if downtown Evansville is to continue the often celebrated Renaissance, it will need better than a spiffed up old motel to keep the momentum going?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer is somewhat distressed over the number of shootings and beatings that are happening in Evansville that are being reported?…nary a day goes by that some poor soul gets shot in either the South Side or downtown  Jacobsville?

IS IT TRUE the plans for the Vanderburgh County Public Safety Foundation event to be held on August 23, 2017 at the steps of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum is really coming together?  …during the next several weeks you will be receiving more detailed information about this most worthily public event?
Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that it was wise for the Boonville City Council to purchase the Quail Crossing Golf Course?

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  1. Drove again today on the North Main Street shopping cart path fiasco. The roads are uneven and the project just looks bad.


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