IS IT TRUE JUNE 21, 2017


IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville should do a bit more than shrug their shoulders and accept the price increases associated with the elementary but expensive error that was made in designing the width of the North Main Street improvement project?…there are ways to leverage the insurance and bonding that the construction company(s) must have been required to have to get this job?..if relief for this idiotic oversight is not sought we can assume that the stupid mistake was an inside job?…in that case maybe the city should sue its own insurance company for the failures of staff?

IS IT TRUE that the State of Illinois’ financial problems keep mounting up in a way that could challenge every public employee in the state when it comes to benefits?…the number of dollars that Illinois is behind when it comes to funding pensions is so large that the zeros may not fit on the page?…another problem Illinois is facing is whether or not they are going to be able to keep the Illinois State Lottery open if they can’t pay the past winners or be trusted to hold the money for the current lotteries without having creditors pounce on it before any winnings can be paid out?…it takes a very special kind of stupid to lose money on a legalized monopoly that is no different than a numbers racket?…it looks like the State of Illinois is that special kind of stupid in a collective action sort of way?

IS IT TRUE that the way a lottery works is so unbelievably one sided that most any halfwit who could get permission to run one just once the way the state does could retire to paradise?…for every billion dollars that is spent on lottery tickets the distribution goes something like this?…$100 Million goes to the state to pay for running the lottery?…half of the sales or $500 Million goes into the prize money pool and the other $400 Million goes to the state too?…right off the top the State of Illinois collects 50% of all of the proceeds of the lottery?…the winnings are of course taxable so in most cases about 35% of the winnings go to the federal government with the states taxing winnings at their own rate?…in the case of Illinois that amounts to 3.75%?…when it all shakes out for every Billion dollars wagered, the State of Illinois collects $518,750,000, the federal government collects $175,000,000 and the lucky winner takes home $306 Million (30.6%) of what was wagered?…we are totally mystified how a state could possibly be managed so poorly to put their cash cow lottery into danger?…lotteries are not called a suckers game for nothing?…this may be the face of things to come with states failing to meet their obligations the old fashioned way?

IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville also have major deficit problems with city employees Healthcare benefits?  …could the deficit for this year be $7 million to $8 million dollars?

IS IT TRUE the City of Evansville lost $3 million dollars on the ZOO last year?  …we expect the Zoo to do similar this year? …in order to attempt to generate more revenue for the Zoo our City officials are now planning to build a $6 to $8 million “Penguin” exhibit?  …all we can say about this proposed revenue generating move by the City is “WOW”?

IS IT TRUE we feel that Vanderburgh County Coroner Steve Lockyear is doing an outstanding job?  …Mr. Lockyear has taken the Vanderburgh County Coroner job to the next level?  ,,,the bottom line is that Mr. Lockyear is a “Good Steward Of The Public Trust”?

Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that someone should be held accountable for the major mistake made in redesigning the $18 million dollar North Main project?

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  1. Illinois financial woes are due to corrupt Chicago politicians and Evansville’s are due to, uhhh, the same type of politicians? The only difference is Chicago’s are all Democrats and Evansville’s are a co-mingled group from both parties.

  2. Can someone please enlighten me? Is it true that the zoo is not accredited at this time? If so, did it lose accreditation due to “maintenance issues”? Does anyone know the monthly average cost of maintaining & operating Amazonia? Does the zoo (city) still own animals that are at other zoos and have never even been in Evansville? What percentage of the animals that reside here are actually owned by Evansville as opposed to being (on loan)? So many questions need to be answered. Without knowing the answers to these questions and so many more, maybe, just maybe, any future projects need to be put on the shelf!


    Tax rate cap not included in Carmel’s 2017 budget

    Looks like the Department of Local Government Finance might want to weigh in on whether the city of Carmel needs tax caps in their budget. Or is the DLGF just another paper tiger like the State Board of Accounts? Can you imagine telling the citizens that basically what ever we decide to spend, THAT is what you WILL pay.

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    • I wondered the same! Only sporadic listings! I really like them. They have many ?’s that really make you wonder, is it true.

    • Good job City-County Observer! Seems your question re:previous ITT articles got a rapid response! I just love when that happens! ITT articles are really important. It seems if you don’t ask questions, you don’t get answers!

  4. Ok, in News 44 article dated Oct. 10,2016 it seems City Council temporarily saved accreditation by awarding the zoo 900k to address maintenance issues. In same article it appears City Council wants a new “penguin exhibit”! That’s right! When you can’t maintain what you’ve already got, build more! Go on lol! I am!

  5. This is interesting. I overheard Russ say that this guy who works for Umbaugh with a weird last name is compiling their financial statements. I also know that this guy was fired from the State Board a few years ago for porn on his computer. You wouldn’t forget a name like that!


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