IS IT TRUE JUNE 12, 2017

IS IT TRUE that the residents of Evansville’s Southside are taking the change of ownership of the Lincoln Estates complex very seriously?…with the ownership changing hands and the units being converted from Section 8 to market rate apartments, the word gentrification is being bantered about like a weapon?…what gentrification refers to is the mass change in the rental units in a certain area being converted from government subsidized housing to housing that the new residents actually pay for themselves?…gentrification is actually something that cities and counties hope for but it strikes fear into the hearts and minds of the people who are being displaced  …there is also fear that this gentrification effort may spread throughout the 4th and 2nd Ward of Evansville and convert much of the Section 8 housing stock to market rate in those area?
Today “READERS POLL” question is: Do feel that the economically disadvantaged citizens of the 4th and 2nd political Wards should be concerned about gentrification?
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  1. We are proud of our ghetto and want to keep it that way. In this conversation I see no mention of the homeowners in the area. Their investment in their property. Their ability to keep up their home is contingent on being able to sell there home. Right now you can not sell a home for any price that comes close to what you have invested in it. These areas will continue to deteriorate with the current policies. Also most of the homes in the area do not qualify for section 8. Who is really benefiting keeping this area for the so called poor? I also see no concern about the poor around north main being displaced. What is the real agenda here? Folks this aint about helping poor people.

    • Of course it’s about helping poor people, but the hogs at the trough have to be fed to prime the pump. No slop for the hogs, no help for the poor.

    • SD – I don’t understand your logic. You want to help homeowners in the area, right? You want to improve the quality of the neighborhood, right? You want things to improve and no longer “be a ghetto,” right? That’s your point, right?

      Help those homeowners be able to justify investing in repairs and improvements to their homes, because there is an upside to that, right?
      Help them be able to sell their home at some point in the future, should they choose to do that, and actually see an improvement in that selling price, right?

      You do that by improving overall property values. The highest and best use for Lincoln Estates is no longer Section 8 housing, it is private market housing. That is news. Downtown Evansville has momentum. That is because of increasing demand, and improving property values.

      Stonedreamer, IF YOUR AGENDA is to improve these neighborhoods, to help those neighborhoods be sustainable, that neighborhood needs property-owning, property-values-are-increasing….stakeholders.

      I can’t tell if you are complaining about helping Section 8 occupants find housing.
      Or if you are trying to improve neighborhoods so it’s not all Section 8 housing?

      But if you want to help homeowners and neighborhoods, in a not-a-bandaid, but a sustainable way, then increase the value of their property. The trend is clear that this is happening, right?

      • And improve the value of people’s skills plus the one’s who need to break the bad habits that made them in the first place need to alter their way of living. Ultimately everything is better and more prosperous when there is no need for subsidized housing period.

        • “The Power of Habit”
          Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
          (NYT Best Seller….on why habits exist and how they can be changed, both personally and within your own company.)
          Author: Charles Duhigg

      • You seem to imply the problem is homeowners not keeping their property up. You may not be aware of this but most of the homeowners who actually live in their homes own them. I mean really own them no mortgage. The reason for this is redlining it was almost impossible to get a loan in this area for decades. Which meant if you needed repairs you paid out of pocket. Not many people can do that. Most of these homeowners have lived in their homes for decades. They have put tens of thousands of dollars in their homes over the years. Myself over a $100,000. I and my neighbors are getting old and and our children have no interest in our properties. I have been accused for forty years that I just want to make a killing on my property. I do not think that is going to happen. I and the other real home owners in this area have always been left out of the conversation. Except to be told to keep up my property and it would all be good. I and my neighbors have kept up our property and it is has not helped.

  2. Is it true the new owner of Lincoln Estates is City Pointe Evansville, LLC, just formed on April 5, 2017 and operates from a Mail Pac N Fax office in Sarasota Florida??

    Business Details Print Entity Details
    Business Name: CITY POINTE EVANSVILLE, LLC Business ID: 201704051189477
    Entity Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company Business Status: Active
    Creation Date: 04/05/2017 Inactive Date:
    Principal Office Address: 8499 S Tamiami Trl., #265, Sarasota, FL, 34238, USA Expiration Date: Perpetual
    Domicile State: Indiana Business Entity Report Due Date: 04/30/2019
    Years Due:
    Registered Agent Information
    Type: Individual
    Name: George Zarris
    Address: 10284 NICKLAUS ST, Crown Point, IN, 46307, USA

  3. Section 8 like all welfare should be a short term hand up…………not a long term hand out life choice…that all government handouts have become……………times are changing under President Trump………unemployment rate is now at a 16 yr low……………..time to get a Job…………

    • (Trump is the laughingstock of the country Al. You too, if you expect us to believe THAT YOU are quoting and touting unemployment stats, that SIX MONTHS AGO, you dismissed as made up and meaningless.)

      • The official unemployment calculation method has become obsolete for calibrating reality. It’s only value is in continuity and giving the person in power a feel good number to boast about. Too many people have found a way to get by without working or have given up hope for this number to mean anything.

  4. I don’t know. You have someone who wants to make an improvement and it is not on the tax payers dollar? I am sorry but I am favoring the new owners.


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