IS IT TRUE the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation as the rightful owner of Bosse Field and the taxing authority empowered to raise taxes to do some much needed work on the old stadium seems to be getting cold feet?…Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke also is cautioning the EVSC on pulling the trigger on increasing taxes to fix up Bosse Field?…one thing for sure is that Bosse Field, like our sewers, roads, and water pipes are going to fix themselves so the Mayor’s stance against the EVSC raising taxes is sort of perplexing?…Superintendent David Smith is getting jumpy about it too, going so far as to offer the old place up for $1?…we are wondering if there is about to be a case of history repeating itself with the saga of Roberts Stadium used as a model?…we won’t be at all surprised if the repairs needed at Bosse Field will be used to justify spending upwards of $50 Million on a new ballpark somewhere near downtown Evansville?…remember where you heard this first, because creating a crisis to spend money on fun and games has worked before in Evansville, Indiana?

IS IT TRUE we find School Board member Mike Duckworth remarks concerning Bosse Field published in the Sundays Courier and Press very interesting?  …that Duckworth told John Martin of the Courier and Press “that he agrees with other school Board members that owning a baseball park doesn’t meet with the school district core mission of education”?  …if Mr. Duckworth feels that way then why is the heck did he agree to purchase a $3 1/2 million dollar golf course in rural Vanderburgh County?  …if a baseball field doesn’t have  any educational value why should a $3 1/2 golf course have any?

IS IT TRUE that if one wants to see an example of how to run a government into the ground all one must do is look at what just happened across the Wabash River in the State of Illinois?…the bond rating for Illinois was just lowered to BBB- which is one step away from being considered to be a “junk” investment vehicle?…the State of Illinois which is under control of Chicagoland has not passed a budget in two years?…these financial wizards have missed $14 Billion in legitimate payments which has caused them to rack up $1 Billion in fees and penalties that are a burden on the people of the state and a leach on the public infrastructure?…the interest rate on any new debt that Illinois will have to issue to pay off existing debt will be at an interest rate that is 2.5% higher than a state or city that enjoys a AAA rating?…that Billion dollars in fees and penalties will cost the people of Illinois $45 Million per year to carry because their state legislature is too inept to even authorize a budget so they can pay their bills?…the $14 Billion will add $630 Million in debt service because of this fiscal ineptness?…the State of Illinois has joined the banana republics of Panama, Peru, and Spain when it comes to their credit rating?…this is close enough to home to be used as a teaching tool for Indiana cities who are up against their own debt limits and struggling to make payments on fun and games nonsense?…there are reasons that three Governors of Illinois are in prison and this is a symptom that the graft of Chicago has not been eradicated in Springfield?

IS IT TRUE that Mesker Zoo Director Amos Morris is leaving his position in Evansville for a similar position in Fresno, California?…Mr. Amos has built a good reputation as a competent administrator and we wish him well?…we are not certain at this point if Evansville is a good training ground for people on the way up the career ladder or if good people who come in from elsewhere just don’t assimilate well into local circles and move on when the opportunity presents itself?…we wish Mr. Morris well in his new position and hope that someday he will return to Evansville for a concert at the new and improved Mesker Amphitheater?

IS IT TRUE we been watching with interest how Vanderburgh County Commissioner Ben Shoulders is adjusting to political life?  …initially Mr. Shoulders allowed himself to get involved in an issue concerning the firing of the Director of Burdette Park?  …that issue has been long resolved?  …since that time Commissioner Shoulders is getting to know how the political process works in Vanderburgh County?  …its also obvious that Commissioner Shoulders is finally doing his homework concerning governmental issues that face him? …we predict when all said and done that Commissioner Shoulders will make the people whom voted for him proud?

IS IT TRUE that Mayor Winnecke political promise that no one living in Lincoln Estates apartments will be evicted this week didn’t pan out?  …we have been told by reliable sources that several families and individuals have been evicted from Lincoln Estates Apartment over the last several days?

IS IT TRUE the Mayor Winnecke attempted  to convince the Evansville City Council to give him a $100,000 to help the families and individuals that are being evicted from Lincoln Estates because of non-payment of rent fail on deaf ears? …it looks like our tax and spend Mayor has just experienced a major public relations sit back?  …we hope one day that the Mayor will finally realize that “government should’t do for people what they should do for themselves”?

Todays “READERS POLL” question: Would you support the Vanderburgh County School Board divesting its interest in Bosse Field to the City of Evansville?


    • Exactly, not long ago I thought RT, (Russia Today) owned this site.

      But the election is over, let’s move on to impeachment.

      Or move SNL into the WhiteHouse and Goldilocks and Lady Godiva out.

      Which ever way, Hell it doesn’t matter to me….


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