Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Should County Commissioners Shoulders and Musgrave withdraw their decision to fire the Director of Burdette Park?

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  1. As reported, during the last council meeting, Zoolander McGinn apparently stated that the City’s finances were in great order and than came old Russ disclosing that the City owed $7,500,000 in delinquent medical bills backed up by claims from several city employees that their bills are over seven month in arrears.

    According to the financial posting on the Indiana State Board of Accounts (Google Indiana Gateway report builder ..then select Cash & Investments) the report will disclose that the General Fund as of December 31, 2016 has 1.1 mil but wait a minute, old Russ illegally transferred 12.5 mil from the Boat Fund as of Jan 1, 2016 into the General Fund ..then if that event had not occurred (Btw ..the 12.5 mil was Trop’s advancement on the lease) our General Fund would be negative by 11.4 mil …there’s more ..Russ failed to transfer 5 mil from the General Fund to the Hospitalization fund add another 5 mil to the deficit in the GF now it is 16.4 deficient ..but there is even more ..old Russ went to the Water & Sewer board requesting 3.4 mil as an advancement payable in 2017 add that amount to the deficiency …totaling a whopping $20,000,000 deficiency. Than, of course, nobody on Council asked old Russ what his open vendor invoices excluding medical bill were as of Jan 1, 2017 about 8.1 MILLION while three years earlier the open invoice levels were 2.3 million, of course, add the net increase to the deficiency or another 5 million!!!

    Where in the hell is our lone CPA on council ..Ms Hargis ..Wasn’t her claim when running for the Council ..’I’m a CPA and will bring my talent to the Council …or is it the Clowncil???

    • Wow, I had heard bits-and-pieces about the cash shortfall in General Fund, but thanks for spelling it out.

      I have not trusted Russ Lloyd or any of the financial information coming out of the City since the State Board audit opinion was changed for the 2012 audit, and Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley was attacked by the Mayor and the Courier and Press.

      Yet the Courier & Press trusted the Mayor when he said that Billy Bolin never advised him that Jack Schriber admitted to molesting young students. That is the moment I gave up hope.

  2. New York Times National Edition, Sunday, 3-19-2017:

    Article title: ‘Door Busting Raids Leave Trail of Blood/The Heavy Toll of Using SWAT Teams for Search Warrants’.

    The EPD SWAT Team raid on the Louise Milan raid in 2012 is featured prominently, including four images from a police helmet camera.

    As if this weren’t bad enough, read the account of the SWAT raid in Cornelia, GA in May 2014.

    • I’d be more inclined to believe Trump loses $100 Billion worth of golf balls in first two months but your word is like The Ten Commandments to me Press.

      Know what I mean.

      Believe me….

      • In the mean time, take a break from politics and watch the greatest show on Earth;

        The Hound That Thought He Was A Raccoon – Rent on Amazon – $2.99 for 3 days

        Here’s how impressive “my babies” are that few know;

        From dust jacket notes: “…The author, who has spent half a century feeding, photographing and observing raccoons, has devoted the last three years to writing this fascinating book and selecting from thousands of photographs the stunning pictures which document his text. It is Sterling’s well-founded belief that the raccoon is one of the most intelligent species below the anthropoidal apes. Their ‘language’ ranges from thirteen to twenty meaningful sounds. Forrestal Laboratory, after extensive tests, has discovered that the raccoon has the most acute sense of hearing of any North American mammal. They are music lovers and have individual preferences among the recordings to which they listen intently. They can see in the dark, have a keen nose and delicate palate, and the most sensitive and prehensile hands, able to open any door, drawer or cupboard that is not locked with a key. They use public drinking fountains and also turn on faucets and showers (but seldom turn them off). They pick pockets of coins as thin as a dime, pull in fish-stringers hand over hand to rob the catch, switch stations on TV sets, blow automobile horns when confined in a car, and working in tandem can screw lids from mason jars….”

        Wouldn’t surprise me if all of America’s raccoons have read the Constitution they are so smart.

        Goldilocks declined.

        Will catch up on BS next Saturday.



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