IS IT TRUE JULY 20, 2016


IS IT TRUE we are still looking for Suzanne Crouch’s name to surface during the last minute search for a new Republican gubernatorial candidate for the State of Indiana? …we are hearing that the extremely popular State Auditor Suzanne Crouch is been encourage by many prominent Republicans throughout the state to run for Governor?  …we are extremely surprised that the local main stream media hasn’t followed up on this possible developing political story?

IS IT TRUE we wonder why Mayor Winnecke desire to become the next Governor of Indiana ended so abruptly?  …could the reason was he found out that the committee in charge of selecting the GOP candidate for Governor are looking for someone with true conservative values?

IS IT TRUE that we are wishing a speedy recovery for EPD Officer Allen Gansman? …that he is undergoing surgery for injuries sustained while on duty?  …he was helping a stranded motorist get her vehicle off Diamond Ave. when a passing motorist hit his motorcycle and pushed it in to him?  …please join us in praying for his speedy recovery?

IS IT TRUE that there has still not been an explanation for the similarity of Melania Trump’s speech in Cleveland to the one given in 2008 by Michelle Obama? …that the professional speechwriter who was hired to pen the speech Mrs. Trump claimed to write herself proved that the speech she gave was not the one he wrote? …that perhaps she is responsible for the content of her speech?

IS IT TRUE State Senator Jim Tomes surprised many Republicans when he submitted his name for consideration in the Indiana governor’s race? …that Sen Tomes alleges that he has the votes to win the July 26, 2016 State Executive Committee meeting responsible for selecting the 2016 GOP nominee for Governor?  …Mr. Tomes also states that he has the support from voters throughout the State to elect him Governor of Indiana?

IS IT TRUE that local Democrats are hoping to see Senate candidate Evan Bayh to make an appearance at the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner on August 4? …that the dinner is going to be an elaborate affair at Tropicana that hearkens back to the days of the chairmanships of Larry Aiken and Bob Brenner?

IS IT TRUE we urge you to vote in todays “READERS POLL” because we have included the name of State  Senator Jim Tomes in this newly amended poll?

FOOTNOTE: “IS IT TRUE” will be posted on this coming Friday?

Todays READERS POLL question is: Who would vote for as the next Governor of Indiana?

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  1. Regarding that obvious plagiarism, she did say on camera that she wrote it herself ‘with very little help’. Regardless of what the professional speechwriter gave her, she told a lie and is, like her sugar daddy, not to be believed. She would be a much more sympathetic figure if she wasn’t now, by her own words, a proven liar.

    • Bandana, how can any politicians wife’s speech NOT sound the same. My Husband is ______ and _______ (insert in any random order: kind, warm, loving, sensitive, caring, compassionate, wonderful, smart, firm but fair, loyal, trustworthy, supportive, bla, bla, bla). They all sound the same and fall under the category of worthless.

      • Joe, don’t kid yourself. If this had been the other way around you wouldn’t shut up about it. Kind of like if Hillary wouldn’t release her tax returns you’d be howling about it daily.

      • One way for them to NOT sound the same is to not steal whole sections of speeches from each other.

        I agree family endorsements are worthless. I can guarantee you that I’d rather see Tiffany Trump go again than Chelsea, if indeed they foist Mezvinsky on the viewing public. Neither of their opinions about their parents have any political import.

      • The odds of any two non-plagiarized speech having 16 consecutive words alike are a trillion-to-one. One riff of Melania’s speech had 23 consecutive identical words. You are probably right that few candidate’s wives’ speeches accomplish much, but Mrs. Trump’s did. It proved she is dishonest.

      • Trump’s wife is not going to be president. My God man we have a candidate for President that would not pass the background check. Like Nixon before her who would climb a tree to tell a lie instead of standing on the ground to tell the truth ..Whitewater, Travelgate, Lybian Deal, Bengozie, FBI investigation and findings ..nothing but lies ..So, Trump’s wife helped herself ..but Obama helped himself as well ..copied parts of speeches give by one of the Black leaders in 1997 ..but of course this is okay.

        • You are right about Trump’s wife not going to be president. She’s in another line of work, one of the oldest.

          If there is a bigger liar out there than Hillary it’s Trump. His lies are legion. Many mainstream shrinks say he’s a pathological liar. A sick man. That old litany of politically created investigations you wrote about The Beast —nothing actionable there. Nothing. Just beacause that fat bridge-closing bully Christie tried to get creative with old non-news, it’s no truer than it ever was. Actually less so after being filtered through that slob. To your credit it is honest of you to admit that Melania plagiarized parts of her speech.

          The Hildebeast will be your next president and will likely bring a compliant congress with her via her pantsuit tails. It’s what the Republican primary voters get for excercising their ability to be had.

          • It is disturbing to see Americans arguing with each other over which pathologically lying sack of crap should be elected president. Hillary lied to congress, lied to the American people and gamed the FBI with a herd of “I don’t recall” sycophants about breaking her own State Department’s protocol. If the FBI had not concluded that she was too stupid to know the letter C meant classified she would have bee indicted. Trump with all of his flaws can’t slither under the low bar she set.

            That said, if there is anyone that is close to being as toxic as Hillary, it is Trump. Vote Johnson, Stein, or just stay home. The two major party candidates are unworthy of the office.

          • It’s good advice Joe.
            Don’t sacrifice and abandon your personal beliefs and values……even when you don’t have the right choices from the two major parties.
            I can’t vote for Hillary because she’s not conservative enough.
            I can’t vote for Trump because he’s not a conservative at all, but more importantly, he is a dangerous fool and a danger to the country.
            So I am voting for the only conservative candidate there is: Gary Johnson, Libertarian.

          • Joe,
            I hold no brief for the Beast but don’t see a realistic alternative for my vote. Like many who will vote for Trump, I’m voting for the future of the Supreme Court.

            There is indeed some pathology evident in the smugness and ease with which she delivers her lies. As far as the lying goes, I like Trump’s style better.
            They are the two worst candidates for president in my lifetime.

          • I’m with Bandana on this. I had no plan to vote for Hillary, but the assembly of lunatics in Cleveland convinced me that not a single vote against Trump can be wasted on a third party candidate. A Trump presidency would destroy this country.’

          • For those who feel that both presidential candidates are worthless, they need to be applying their energy towards the congressional candidates which in theory is part of the “check & balance” of the “executive”(Clinton or Trump) & judicial branches of the federal government!

          • Gonna be positive here. There never has been and never will be a president with the power or the ineptness to destroy the United States of America. If the republic ceases to exist it will by by the will or actions of a babbling hoard that makes up a majority of our citizens. Alexis de Toqueville was right.

        • Joe, here’s the easy answer on who to vote for: Trump won’t nominate Elizabeth Warren (aka Pocahontas for teaching as a claimed Native American at Harvard law), Loretta Lynch (payback for not charging Hillary after Bill’s clandestine tarmac visit) or the failed Community Organizer to the US Supreme Court.

  2. Is it true that the best (only?) good thing out of the RNC is that the primary voters got exactly what they deserved(voted) for? That their votes “did” count, and were not lost by “inside” political party shenanigans?

  3. Day 2 in the books. Still zero substance, all empty rhetoric. That “Young and the Restless” actress was an embarrassment. Did anybody else see the “Muslims for Trump” guy? Hilarious! Ben Carson also came across as a lunatic. I tuned in after he was finished but all the CNN commentators were fawning over Trump Jr.

    • You’re right about the actress. I missed the “Muslim’s for Trump” guy, but “Sleepy-Eyes” Carson IS a lunatic. His speech last night just proved it to any sane person who hadn’t already figured it out.

    • I almost felt sorry for Whisperin’ Ben last night. He looked like a Tell City Pretzel trying to tie The Beast to Lucifer via Saul Alinsky.

  4. Credible sources in Indy disclosed that the Winnecke vetting was short ..why? ..his stance on opposing Gov Pence’s move to eliminate personal property taxes (Winnecke must believe that he hasn’t seen a tax that he doesn’t like) at least the powers in Indy feel ..secondly, his opposition to Pence’s support of Indiana’s “Marriage Amendment” and thirdly, his opposition to elimination the “Construction Common Wage” law ..of course the backing of the Unions sent a spike into Winnecke’s hopes and dreams for Governor on the Repub ticket ..some Repub at the state level truly believe he is a RINO ..not the animal ..Republican in Name Only ..

  5. Last time Indiana had a Governor from the southwestern part of the state (Bob Orr), the cheesewhiz’s in Indy and tbe northern part of the state didn’t like it because he funneled taxes paid by southern Hoosiers back to their source instead of using them to shore up Indianapolis infrastructure.

  6. Last night, the Circus theme was “Make America Work Again”, but there was virtually no mention of improving the lives of working people. I suppose that may be because Drumpf believes that “Americans make too much money.” Christie’s attack on Hillary helped her with normal people.

    It was just reported that Trump was so insistent that Kasich become his running mate, that the Governor had to “forcefully” refuse Trump’s advances. Congratulations, Indiana!! Trump just took out the trash for us.

    Tomorrow night there is supposed to be a “sharp rebuke” of Trump by anti-Trumpers and tonight Ted Cruz is going to speak. It is rumored that he will NOT endorse his party’s candidate, though. If he really doesn’t endorse Trump, won’t it be the first time a candidate has been desperate enough to have a non-supporter speak at a convention?

    • Trump is going to “Make America Work Again” by bringing back his suits, ties , furniture etc. made in China, Mexico, Slovenia and Turkey by slapping a 35% or 45% tariff on them.

      Probably 35% on his products, 45% on everyone else’s.

      Believe me….

      • That’s the system that has been in play ..Obama asked Apple to come back from China? Why did he just change the game rules?

    • He’s back from Cleveland.

      Said he had an appointment with his proctologist.

      Said he’ll never get on the same train with al sharpie again….

      • Right Wayne Parke, right here PRESS.
        ….busy morning, and am not caught up on any news.
        I’ll check in later this eve….

        (BTW…..I noticed during Trump’s media snip streamed in last night…..he said all the usual things…..but strangely added…..”And we’re going to win Ohio!!” WHAT WAS THAT? Could it be Trump is aware, and worried and pissed off, that John Kasich is avoiding the Trump Convention? And a significant majority of Ohioans can’t stand Trump, especially GOP Ohioans? And that the rule is: NO GOP CANDIDATE, NONE, HAS EVER BECOME PRESIDENT WITHOUT WINNING THE STATE OF OHIO. That Trump knows….”We don’t win Ohio boys, its game over. Turn out the lights. We’re all going home.” Pretty damn telling…..that Trump showed insecurity there by bringing up “winning Ohio” within a 2 minute video.” Damn telling.)

      • The internet is a wonderful thing. Wayne could post from Cleveland if he wanted to. I posted this from Maui. Now it’s off to the beach.

          • Yes.

            He watches the convention from a wet bar, acts like he doesn’t see it if they need him to vote, and sleeps in their broom closet at night.

            Coures told him not to sweat it, he’s sure he’ll be able to find a million dollars to pay his bar bill and train tickets for him and al sharpie to return home after festivities cease.

            Also, Deaconess has been notified to have it’s detox operation on GO.

            Like a well oiled machine man….

  7. If Trump starts his convention speech with, “Four score and seven years ago”, I’m going to turn the TV off and go out and mow my grass whether it needs it or not.


    • He might do it. He seems to think all publicity is good publicity and he saw all the press the plagiaristic porn princess drew, so why not plagiarize something else.


    Roger Ailes will be speaking at the convention tonight on how Hillary doesn’t have a clue about what women really want. And why she’ll end up being a loser because of it.

    Ailes says, believe me, this is Hillary’s Achilles heel that will be her downfall.

    Believe me….

  9. I watch the freak show on the old TV in the back bedroom in case I have to punch him in the face. Its like a train wreck. I don’t want to see it, but I just have to look.

    • It’s called the Ann Coulter effect (affect). ?

      All that’s there is an Adam’s Apple on two sticks that says outlandish things but when you hear her name, you perk up and listen.

      Nutty shit man. Believe me….

  10. A small piece of cracked Arizona desert, Jan Brewer, has now proclaimed from this point on it’s ‘unity, unity, unity’. She is at one with the desert.

  11. Now that an explanation for the porn princess’s plagiarism has been “Trumped up,” (pun intended) the media is still talking about the awkward way it was done. If Trump had a competent organization, this would not be hanging around.

  12. 2014 FORM 1040

    Schedule C

    Profit or loss from business

    Name of proprietor: Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Principal business or profession: Speaking

    Business name: ZFS Holdings, LLC

    Part I


    Line 1. Gross receipts: $10,492,000.00

    • Am I to take that comment to mean you’re not so enthralled with the adulterer who thinks he needs no forgiveness? Have you learned the difference in Slovenia and Slovakia? Do you now understand that the First Amendment applies to everyone, not just you?

  13. Well now……

    …….Tomorrow, we’re gonna have fun talking about Ted Cruz’s full-throated endorsement of voting your conscience in the fall election instead of voting for reality TV star, Donald Trump.

  14. This makes it hard for the anti-Trumpers to deliver the strong rebuke to the candidate promised for tomorrow. Cruz just crapped on the Donald’s head. It is going to be hard to top that.

    • Orange is used to having a pile on top of his hoghead. Cruz topped it off, now he sports the Zesto Effect, the soft-serve swirl, courtesy of Rafael.

      Cruz gave that sickening little smirk and half laugh after a lot of what he said. I’d almost forgot what a piece that guy is. Glad to see him stop in the hall long enough to relieve himself.


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