IS IT TRUE JUNE 15, 2016


IS IT TRUE  a couple of local office holders, whose names we will leave to your imagination, seemly have an active dislike for the City-County Observer?… that the “self proclaimed  political movers and shakers” have told a couple of Democratic candidates in the upcoming General election that they will not support anyone who advertises in CCO?  …that the officials in question are not proven to have political influence in county wide races? …it will be interesting to see which of the Democratic candidates bow to the wishes  “and which ones have the courage to stand up to the “political know it alls”?

IS IT TRUE if you want to see some young and refreshing TV news anchors we highly recommend that you turn your dial to Channel 44-Evansville?  … we feel both Chris Cerenelli and Chad Evans are doing a creditable job in bringing us the news??  …it’s  becoming  obvious that News Channel 44 General Manager-Jeff Fisher knows  how to build an extremely competitive TV News channel from the ground up?

IS IT TRUE  a political bombshell has just been dropped on the current  Vanderburgh Chief Deputy Coroner Steve Lockyear?  …Evansville resident Brian Claspell a 48-year-old Evansville native shall be taken on Mr. Lockyear in the November 8, 2016 General election?  …we hear that Mr. Claspell is preparing to take Mr. Lockyear head on in  an aggressive issue based campaign?  …we predict this shall be a fun race to watch?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that Republican Johnny Kincaid is seen everywhere campaigning in the 4th Ward?  …we hear that Mr. Kincaid  campaign is getting a positive reception among political leaders and members of the clergy in that area?

IS IT TRUE we hear that County Commission candidate Sean Selby is attending every political and social event in the area during the last couple of weeks?  …we wonder if Mr. Selby ever sleeps?  …it looks like  Mr Selby is in the race to win it?

IS IT TRUE Shannon Edwards campaign is beginning to look like a well oiled political machine?  …she is seemly enjoying strong support among the Democratic rank and file?  …the bottom line is that  the race for Vanderburgh County Recorder shall turn out to be a real political barn burner?

IS IT TRUE we predict that the race for County Council shall be extremely exciting?  … don’t be surprised to see a major shake up in the makeup of the 2017 County Council?  …we hear that political newcomer Nicholas Wildeman is someone that the incumbents should pay special attention too?

IS IT TRUE we predict that the race for the Vanderburgh County Clerk shall be to close to call?  ..the voters are blessed with two excellent candidates to choose from?

IS IT TRUE the voters of Vanderburgh County better prepare themselves for one heck of an in your face political campaign  between current County Commissioner Steve Melcher and Cheyel Musgrave in the County Commission race?  …both are well known and are veteran campaigners which should add to the drama in this extremely to close to call election?

IS IT TRUE we highly recommend that you consider going to NINKE JAPANESE BISTRO in NEWBURGH AND  YANGS  SHABU SHABU-EVANSVILLE  for great food and service?

Todays “READERS POLL” question is:  Do you feel we will have a large turnout in the upcoming General election?

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  1. Steve Melcher can’t be too happy Winnecke went after Musgrave and lost. Thanks a padload Chet….

    32 Days ’til GOP National Convention.
    Forget danger to the Party. Danger to the country? Yep…
    Who wants to give odds Trump will not come out the Nominee?

        • Not me. The Republican primary voters have put up something very unusual, something that is the inevitable result of years of hideous policies, that will devolve to The Hildebeast’s favor.

          Trump will be the GOP nominee unless the convention rules committee unbinds the delegates and lets them roam free. Then I guess it could be anyone, maybe Romney or Ryan. I think they are unlikely to do that but Trump is making it difficult for them not to. I’d guess as careful as Ryan has been about crafting his political future, he knows he’s in an unenviable box now and getting no help from Trump. He might be about ready to bolt.

    • Yanking the Orange Buffoon is looking more likely every day. I think he may wind up stepping aside, because I don’t think he wants to be president.

    • Don, are you now on the never Trump bandwagon with Jeb of Warrick County? Ready for 4 more years of the Obama disaster with President Hillary and Native American VP Elizabeth Warren?

      • ….Hi Joe. It has become clear Trump is a danger and a disastrous choice for the Oval Office. Reality TV stars are fun to watch, , their popularity is their being amoral, they have knee-jerk reactions they believe they just need to ask for forgiveness for later, and you never know what they’re gonna say next. They are unconcerned about the consequences of their actions. These qualities might work on a TV reality show, they might work for the CEO of a real estate developer, but when you are in charge of nuclear weapons, armies, and must respect Judges and law….those qualities are disqualifying and dangerous. No level of hate for Hillary Clinton makes it permissable to do that to the Country.
        Here’s the thing: The GOP knows this too. Trump won’t be the Nominee coming out of the Convention. There will be hell to pay for it, but there is over a MONTH to do it.

        Notice how quiet Cruz is? He’s waiting in the tall grass fellas. (And if they DO take on Trump and accept all the arrows in the chest that requires, NO WAY they’ll do all that and hand it to Cruz.)
        Trump’s worst problem is it is now baked in among the Republican Party he’s unfit. 30 days is TOO long.

  2. What is the connection between CCO and 44 News? All you do is pimp for the station and its workers. If you watch their newscast and compare it to the other networks, they all push the same stories. All they do is use a different story order to push the agenda given to them by their leftist parent companies.

    None of the stations present the stories and all the facts related to it any longer. They skirt over certain facts , hell even whole stories, to frame the story to their wishes. No one does in-depth journalistic research on the local government and its shenanigans, nor do they report both sides of a story from national news. It’s gotten downright pathetic. Only good thing about the newscast are the weather reports and we all know they are only correct 1/2 the time.

    • Tbe interns are all waiting their turn to jump ship and head for greener pastures. They know they’ll never get anywhere locally and as a result they don’t give a damn. They don’t worry about pronouncing local street names or business’ names correctly. They don’t know the north side of town from the south side of town. And the “news anchors” are nothing but talking heads.

  3. Knowing the propensity for the left wing democrats to incite crowds to riot, in the name of “demonstrating”, it leaves one scratching their head at the choice of Cleveland as the site for the 2016 republican convention.

    Cleveland is in the middle of the pack at #5 on the list, but if you look closer you will see that of the 10 cities listed, Cleveland has the lowest mean household income, and the highest percentage of people below the federal poverty level.

    So we have the media poised, as they always are, to jump on republicans, even if they have to make things up themselves. We have a city ripe for recruiting rent-a-mobs, the left’s favorite tactic, and this particular year we may even see factions within the republican party jumping on the rent-a-mob bandwagon because the “do nothing” establishment types feel threatened by Donald Trump.

    I hope the law enforcement community, Homeland Security, and the FBI are up to the task of insuring a peaceful convention, and that any sort of violence will be dealt with in the harshest manner.

        • Pressanykey……..his cupboard is SO empty……he brings up “protesters.” Again! And he realizes that the only people around him are other old white guy racists, so he claims everyone else in the country is gonna join the protesters…asians, whites, republicans, hispanics, women, catholics, democrats….they’re ALL so “threatened by Donald Trump.”
          Uh….Mister Pressanykey. There’s no one left in the room but your fellow old white guy racists.

          Hey. No worries buddy. Trump won’t come out of the RNC Convention as the Nominee. He’s crazy, and other than with you and your paranoid racists, Trump’s losing the trust of everyone.

    • “I hope the law enforcement community, Homeland Security, and the FBI are up to the task of insuring a peaceful convention, and that any sort of violence will be dealt with in the harshest manner.”

      Rest assured, no matter HOW law enforcement handles the inevitable violence at our national conventions, they will be crucified for handling it the wrong way.

      Provide a strong officer presence and a heavy hand to try and limit violence/looting? Racist, jack-booted, militarized thugs whose actions undoubtedly egged the ‘peaceful demonstrators’ towards violence.

      Back off, try and contain the area and use minimal force while the city burns and dozens are assaulted? Racist, useless cops who are too lazy or stupid to prevent the ‘small number of instigators’ from causing harm to the community.

      You can’t ensure a peaceful convention when it will be attended by an unknown number of people who are hell-bent on causing chaos. Period.

        • …that wall? Really? You still believe that wall story? What about the self-funding story? What about not accepting Donor money from Companies that export American jobs? Really? You still believe that wall story? C’mon, give me money. God will cure your cancer. Really.

        Who is more “hell-bent on causing chaos?”
        1. Protesters?
        2. Donald Trump?

        Oh, THIS just in:
        “I’m all in supporting funding for Planned Parenthood. I’m all in for a woman’s right to choose. I believe in marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples, and equal access for transgender people. I believe these things because I read Two Corinthians.
        My name is Pressanykey, and I am a Donald Trump voter.”
        (Paid for by I love Higher Debt as a Tool to Solve America’s Problems Super PAC)

        • Both?

          Seems like the timeline for violence at Trump events goes something like this:

          – Trump says a bunch of ignorant shit that pisses people off.

          – Loads of folks show up to protest said ignorant shit.

          – ‘X’% of those who show up use said protest as an excuse to commit violence against people and property.

          That sound about right?

          Of note, when is it legally okay for me to beat the hell out of somebody or burn down their building because something they said pissed me off? I think the answer to that question is ‘never’. I doubt if you think it’s fine for an anarcho-progressive to assault a person attending a Trump rally because they don’t like the dumb shit that comes out of Trump’s mouth, do you? So, the actual acts of violence and destruction are squarely the fault of those engaging in them, regardless of how mad they are at Trump.

      • Chicago. 1972. That’s how to handle a political convention. All they need to do is resurrect Richard Daly.
        Oh, wait a minute, that was a Democratic convention. My bad. Democratic supporters woukd never do anything like that.

        • The Democrat’s convention in ’72 was in Miami Beach. I was there, but not for the convention. The one you probably liked the most was Chicago in ’68.

          • Time flies when you’re having fun.
            My bad.
            “68, the Summer of peace and love. And a lot of fighting in the streets.


    “They want to dump this guy. They want to toss him overboard. They want Mitt Romney. They want somebody to come back in there. They want to take over their own convention. They want to toss Trump. They want to set up a whole brand-new procedure so they can have a real, real open convention floor fight, get rid of Trump, and put in somebody they want, who’s also guaranteed to lose. But at least they will be happier. ”

    Is it that bad for Trump? Well…..when even Rush Limbaugh is having to address whether Trump comes out of the RNC Convention as the Nominee……that answer?
    It’s “YES.”


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