Right Jab And Left Jab” JANUARY 24, 2021


    Right Jab And Left Jab” was created because we have a couple of commenters that post on a daily basis either in our “IS IT TRUE” or “Readers Forum” columns concerning local, state, national, or international issues.


    The majority of our “IS IT TRUE” columns are about local or state issues, so we have decided to give our more opinionated readers exclusive access to our newly created “LEFT JAB and  RIGHT JAB”  column. They now have this post to exclusively discuss local, state, national, or world issues that they feel passionate about.

    We shall be posting the “LEFT JAB” AND “RIGHT JAB” 7 days a week.  Oh, “LEFT JAB” is a liberal view  and the “RIGHT JAB is representative of the more conservative views. Also, any reader who would like to react to the written comments in this column is free to do so.

    FOOTNOTE: The City-County Observer posted this CAGEL Political Cartoon without bias in order to generate a rational discussion.




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